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Failed Spells and Instill Bravery [Official Ruling Desired]

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There is a debate I am caught up in on BGG and I am hoping that the game designers watch this forum to answer questions officially.


If a player fails when casting a ritual like "Feed the Mind" and is faced with a decision "discard this card unless you lose 2 sanity" can that sanity loss be prevented with another spell like Instill Bravery?


Position 1: If you block the sanity loss, then you did not lose 2 sanity and thus did not fulfill the unless condition - so you would still discard the Feed the Mind spell.


Postion 2: You chose the unless condition legally and since it does not state SPEND 2 sanity you can try to prevent the loss while resolving the result.  It comes down to whether or not preventing the loss with a spell is considered choosing not to resolve the effect during an "unless" conditional statement.


This is something I hope that will get an official clarification and eventually be in the FAQ.

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from what I understand you can only cast and resolve one spell

Any rule citation on that?  What I find is the following:


Reference manual pg 2, Actions

* Each investigator is restricted to resolving each action once per round.

* An investigator must fully resolve an action before performin another action.


Reference manual pg 3, Component Actions

* Like all actions, each component action can only be performed once per round


The reference manual pg 11, Spell

No mention of casting only 1 spell per round.


If I am reading the rules right this means the player uses an action to cast a ritual spell and that spell must be resolved before any other action can be taken.  However, incantations do not have the action keyword, although some are restricted by phase ("During the Encounter Phase . . ."),  Thus multiple spells per round is possible - but you cannot interrupt a ritual spell with another ritual spell (those are all action based cards).


Also, you may cast 2 rituals in a round as long as they are not the same one.  The spell section does say you cannot have duplicate spells, but each component action can be used once per round.  It is perfectly legal to cast Feed the Mind as your first action and then Conjuration as your second action.


So the situation where you cast Feed the Mind, fail, choose 2 sanity loss, and then ask "can I prevent it with Instill Bravery" can legally happen - unless, as I said, there is a rule I missed buried somewhere else.  If there is, I'd love the citation to resolve this issue.

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The spell section does say you cannot have duplicate spells

Gaining possessions and conditions

Gaining a Random Card: Some effects instruct an investigator

to gain a card (for example, “Gain 1 Artifact”). The investigator

draws one card from the top of the deck matching the specified

card type.

• If an investigator gains a Spell or Condition that he already has,

he discards it and draws a replacement, repeating this process

until he draws a card he does not already have (if able).

•  Double-sided cards are gained from the bottom of the deck.

Just to mention it: If you gain a random spell or condition you draw them from the bottom. (Didn't really saw that in the first game)

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You can cast many spells in a turn, so long as you are willing to take the risks. The investigator doesn't have two copies of the same spell in this example: one is Feed the Mind (which takes an action) and the other is Instill Bravery (which does not), so there is no duplicate spell issue.


The issue is whether or not Instill Bravery/Flesh ward count as losing in regards to an "unless" effect. Personally, I would fall on the side saying that it counts. There is an associated hidden cost to using the spell thus it seems in the best interest of play and not terribly cheesy to allow it.

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Hi Guys


You can ask the game designers a direct question through this form ...


 >>> http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_faq.asp


... for any games.  I've done it many times and they've always got back to me. You can't assume they have time for all the forums, as they're busy making top-notch games for the future!!!


I'll be interested to see the response on this one as well. 


We've been playing you lose the sanity/health first and if you die, u die ... unless you have cast a preventive spell BEFORE your encounter ... and then you can cast other spells or use assist cards (or whatever) to cure yourself, that way the card expense is fulfilled?


Chicken and/or egg scenario or what!? ;)



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