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2 Questions - about 7-player game and Cally in Brig

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Hi everyone.


Today six of my friends and I enjoyed a hard ride through the BSG boardgame. We played the core-game with the Pegasus expansion alone, but with the complete set of characters of the core game, Pegasus and Exodus. That's why one of my questions is about Cally ...


1. If you play with the Cylon Leader, the rules about the game are these:


If a Cylon Leader is in play, do not use the “You are a

Sympathizer” Card, regardless of the number of players.



Does this refer to both, the "You are a Sympathizer Card" of the core game as well as the "You Are a Sympathetic Cylon"? Or would the "You Are a Sympathetic Cylon" still be used in the sleeper-phase?


2. As Q1 but with 7-players:

On pg 18 the 7-player rules speak of a deck of 12 loyalty cards - including 2 cylon cards and 10 none-cylon cards; if Boomer and Gaius are in the game, there would be added additional none-cylon cards as well. But: Do any of the sympathizer cards get used as well?


3. Cally has this special disadvantage that you may play only at least two skill-cards; single cards cannot be played. How does this work with the Brig, which limits you to the usage of only one skill-card. Is Cally incapable of playing any skill-card? Or will she be allowed to play single cards only? Or would her special feature over-rule the Brig-rule?


These questions were raised today; and we were not able to solve them properly ...

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you very much!

Best wishes!



P.S.: Ooops ... Tilte is about 2 questions, but I asked 3 ... Sorry. ;)

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1. Yes.

2. In 7-players game no sympathizer card is used. Just 2 cylon, 1 cylon-leader and the rest non-cylon

3. While in brig, Cally can add one and only one card to skill checks.

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P7 of the daybreak rulebook is a good reference here. legitimate official combo's are


7Players => 1xCylon leader, 1x (Mutineer or sympathizer or sympathetic cylon), 2x Cylon,

6Players => 1xCylon leader, 2x Cylon,

6Players => 1x (Mutineer or sympathizer or sympathetic cylon), 2x Cylon,

5Players=> 2x Cylon,

5Players=> 1xCylon leader, 1x (Mutineer or sympathizer or sympathetic cylon), 1x Cylon (can be crap, the other 5 player set is more reliable)

4Players or less -> I strongly suggest waiting/finding a 5th player


The group I play with has various house rules around rigging the deck to 'encourage' cylons to come out at the right speed but never guarantee it (eg in a 5 player game we separately construct the initial and sleeper set of loyalty cards with one cylon card in each deck, after shuffling we swap ONE card from each deck into the other one -most of the time you get 1 initially and a 2nd at sleeper..... but you can never be fully sure)


We also have a house 7 player variant  =>

7Players=> 3 Cylons


loyalty deck rigged so there are 1-2 cylons pre-sleeper and 2-3 post sleeper. If the three cylons *hard reveal* humans get +1 to each resource immediately

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