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Wood Elf Smackdown!

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I have to share a little story about the Wood Elf whuppin' my brother put on my last night. He used a WE deck (that I had built), and although it contains 21 Units, his first 17 cards (including the 3 starting developments) were all supports and tactics.


Now, I was playing Lizardmen, and was about 3 quest-zone damage away from winning the game. He finally drew some units, played two into his quest and one into his kingdom then put Protective Sprites on all three


Now I couldn't get through to damage his board (was it too much to ask that I draw just 1 copy of that new 6 cost tactic that destroys supports and developments?!).


Within 2 or 3 turns he had burned my quest and now he had to get through my battlefield to win.


At this point In his Kingdoms he had: Oak of Ages, 2 Wild Riders - both with Taslmanic Tatoos attached, a Contested Stronghold, a boat load of developments, and played 2 Innovations. This got him enough resources to trigger Forest Dragon's "Action" 5 times over, increasing his power to Ninety - freaking - six!!!! Through in the Highborn Champion, maybe some other unit I now can't recall, a couple of developments, and I had 104 damage headed my way.


Needles to say it was game over.


104... that hurt.


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Well - revenge was mine!!!


A few nights later this was the set-up: I was playing WE and had in my kingdom:


Developments x 7

Amoury x 2

Contested Stroghold x 1

Oak of Ages x 1

Wildwood Grove x 1

Eternal Guard (which also counted as my 8th development) x 1

Talsmanic Tatoos (attached to eternal Guard) x 2


This got me 30 resources


In my Battlefield I had:


Developments x 3

Spell-weaver of Kel-Isha (counts as 4th development)x 1

Forest Dragon (counts as 5th develoment) x 1

Forest Dragon (counts as 6th development) with Talsmanic Tatoo atatched x 1


That gave the Forest Dragon with the attachment a power of 9


I used all 30 resources to double its power 10 times over, which gave him a power of 9,216!

add on the other 2 units and I came at him with 9,220 power!


It was game over baby!


(yeah, I know this much wasn't needed to win...but c'mon - who doesn't want to lay it on when they can!!!

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You can really get that high with power. That's crazy man. Do they have a preconstructed wood elf deck out or do you just have to make your own.? What expansion or battle packs have the wood elves?

the Cajun

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If you want the 4 neutral factions (Wood Elfs Undead Lizardmen and Skaven) Your first bye should be Hidden Kingdoms

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I built my own deck, looks like this:


Yes - they can get powerful which is awesome but there are some drawbacks

1) In my particular deck, slapping Protective sprites on a unit is fine and all, but if you're playing Chaos (or DE perhaps) control decks they can corrupt that unit and go right past it.

2) Oak of Ages is sweet - until you're up against a development destruction tactic and then BOOM - bye bye units.

3) Wood Elves (and Lizardmen) have fewer cards than any of the other races (Skaven have 2 more and Undead 1 more) so there won't be a huge amount of deck diversity.


That said - I love playing this deck!

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