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Light Order / Lore of Light (2e, 3e lists)

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List of the 2e spells for the Lore of Light

If your player is looking for new spells, they can easily be created from this summary list (with brief blurb)  culled from Realms of Sorcery 2e.  The 3e spell list will be added later.


Lore of Light (2e list)

  1. Banish - banish daemon
  2. Blinding Light - explosion of light; blinds or suffer dazzling brightness
  3. Boon of Hysh - All damage and maladies healed
  4. Clarity - reduce penalties on person touched
  5. Cleansing Glow - purify food/water or item
  6. Daemonbane - banish group of daemons
  7. Dazzling Brightness - dazzle those in affected area
  8. Eyes of Truth - unveils all illusions, darkness, disguises, etc.
  9. Healing of Hysh - heal some wounds
  10. Ill-bane - aid subject suffering from disease or posion
  11. Illuminate the Edifice - Illuminate an area fully
  12. Inspiration - grant bonus to knowledge
  13. Light of Purity - subjects in area of light are immune to disease as long as the fire burns
  14. Light's Demand - Chaos natives are unable to move while under this effect
  15. Pillar of Radiance - targets in area suffer damage and suffer dazzling brightness effect
  16. The Power of Truth - speaking honestly grants bonus to charm
  17. Radiant Sentinel - floating ball of light can parry an extra melee attack
  18. Radiant Gaze - your gaze causes 6 damage
  19. Radiatn weapon - make a weapon magical with extra bonus vs. daemons
  20. Shimmerinng Cloak - bonus vs. ranged attacks and reduces damage
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3e Light Order Spells

  1. Body of Light
  2. Burning Gaze
  3. Clarity/Confidence
  4. Comforting Light
  5. Daemonbane
  6. Dazzling Light
  7. Exorcism
  8. Eyes of Truth
  9. Healing Energy
  10. Illumination
  11. The Power of Truth
  12. Radiant Weapon
  13. Ward Evil
  14. hero's call (3 spells).
  15. .
  16. .
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