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Gold Order/ Lore of metal (2e, 3e list)

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Lore of Metal (2e list)
Armor of Lead - area targets armor gains massive weight
Breach the Unknown - identify item completely
Curse of Rust - rust object to become useless
Enchant Item - item gains bonus
Fault of Form - item loses benefits
Fool's Gold - item seems more valuable
Guard of Steel - objects float around and shield you
Inscription - engrave metal item
Law of Age - item becomes brittle
Law of Form - item becomes ard as steel.
Law of Gold - item loses all magical functions for a time
Law of Logic -subject gains bonus to a skill check
Rigidity of Body and Mind - body gains natural armor; WP improved
Secret Rune - Cast or identify secret message
Silver Arrows of Arha - multiple arrows can be thrown
Stroke the Forge - natural fire burns as hotly as naturally possible
Tale of Metal - recall the forging of an item
Transformation of Metal - change a metal object into something else of the same material
Transmutation of the Unstable Mind - Target loses insanity points
Trial and Error - target may re-roll one check.



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3e spells
Commandment of Brass
Enchant item
Fault of form
Fool's Gold
Golden Skin of Balthazar Gelt
Guard of Steel
Law of Form
Law of Logic
Rule of Burning Iron
Silver Arrows of Arha
Transformation of Metal
Transformation of Lead
Trial & Error/Dire Need

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