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Taal and Rhya (lists 2e, 3e)

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Taal and Rhya
Beastfriend - covnerse with single animal
Stag's Leap - Gain movement; charge is a half action.
Tanglefoot - Surroundings entangle target
Thunderclap - Cause stun and loud noise
Bear's Paw - Person touched increases Strength
Rhya's Comfort - Area of effect gains full night's sleep and three day's worth of natural healing
Lord of the Wild - Command an animal
Ox's Heart - Person touched increases Toughness
River's Blessing - Improve your swim and ignore effects of trappings while swimming
Snarling Rage - Gain fear, frenzy, add'l attack.
Taal's Fury - Surroundings attack target
Wild Wind - Winds attack target causing difficulties
Petty Taal Blessings:
Blessing of the Hunter
Blessing of Taal

The Earth Mother/The Stag's Fury R4
The Waking Wood R4
The Mother's Mercy/The All-Father R5
3e Rhya (green)/Taal(red)
Beasts of Rhya/Beasts of Taal
Call Beast
Commune with Beasts
Face of Rhya/Face of Taal
The Hunted/The Hunter
Mending Paw/Rending Claw
Mother's Comfort/Hunter's Menace
Mother's Mercy/Hunter's Fury
Rhya's Bastion/Taal's Talons
Shelter of Rhya/Wall of Taal
Sleep of Rhya/Wakefulness of Taal
Vigil of Nature

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