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Ranald Blessings (2e, 3e lists)

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Ranald 2e
Bamboozle - fool a person into doing your bidding
Bargain Hunter - Find cheapest good
Bountiful Fortune - As "good fortune" spell
Eye of Ranald - bonus to evaluate and haggle
Good Fortune - During effect, person can reverse % dice
Perfect Empathy - Perfectly understand someone; bonus to haggle/negotiation
Poor Man's Face - You and your allies cannot be searched
Rumor of Bounty/Rumor of Dearth - alter locals perception of price and scarcity
Open - Unlock something
Stealth of Ranald - Incredible stealth; bypass alarms
Trapsense - magically sense all traps
Unremembered Face - People don't remember you except for one optional thing
Petty Ranald blessings:
Blessing of Fortune
Blessing of Ranald

All that Glitters
Cat's Reflexes
Divine Distraction
Empty Pockets
Eyes of the Night Prowler
Gut Instinct
Heads I win/Tails you lose
Lock Breaker
Maks fo the Deceiver
Thief's Fortune
Unremarkable Face
X Marks the Spot
Crime of the Century R5
Trickster's LuckR4
Vanishment R4

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I would recommend opting to add Handrich (and vice versa in case you get someone who felt like they wanted to play a Handrich spellcaster)


Handrich (Recommend adding to/opting with Ranald) 2e - details from Tome of Salvation
Bought Loyalty - bless transactions
Burgher Acquisition - Improve gossip checks for availability
Eye for Profit - Improve evaluate checks
Gilded Tongue - Bonus to haggle
Time is Money - Gain time to pay debts
Word of Mouth - Bonus to fellowship for dealings

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