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Manaan Blessings (lists 2e, 3e)

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Manaan 2e
Blessed Voyage
Blessing of the albatross
Breathe Water
Curse of the Albatross
Drowned Man's Face
Fair Wind
Fisherman's Eye
Rip Tides
Sea Legs
Water Blast
Water Walk


Blessing of Manaan
Blessing of the Mariner


Maelstrom R5
Body of Water R4
Curse of the Albatross R4
Chanty of the Still Sea
Chanty of the Wind
Chanty of Toil
Chanty of Waterwalking
Dead Calm/Living Storm
Great Wave
Homeward Bound/Outward Bound
Manaan's Trident
Water Breathing
Watery Grave
Wave of Anger
Wind of Fortune

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