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Myrmidia (lists 2e, 3e)

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Myrmidia (2e list)
Blazing Sun - fireball
Command the Legion -  target within sight can hear your commands; bonus to any Command to influence
Dismay Foe -  Cause terror on any target you hit
Eagle's Vision -  bonus to WS and knowledge of any battle
Fury's Call -  allies may reroll first missed attack each round
Inspired Leadership - bonus to command and knowledge; allies can reroll failed fear or terror
Quick Strike - faster attack
Shield of Myrmida - you and allies gain armor bonus
Shieldmaiden's Devotion - Devoted myrmidians, tileans and estalians gain fearless talent
Skill of Combat - Bonus to WS
Spear of Myrmida - Spear becomes magical and gains armor piercing
Vengeful Wrath - re-roll failed attacks; may not retreat.


Blessing of Fury
Blessing of Myrmidia


Blazing sun
Bless ARmour
Bless Weapon
Confounding Prayer
Dismay Foe
Divine Prowess
The Eagle's Stoop
Improved Bless Weapon
Inspire Comrades/Inspire Self
Rousing Prayer
Sieze the Initiative
Tactical mastery
Weapon Mastery
The Perfect Warrior R5
Clarity of Eagles R4
True Mastery R4

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Updated 3e briefs for your quick reference:


Minor: Blessing of Myrmidia  

Blazing Sun R3- Blazing suns trikes target for 5+WP dmg; crit possible; blindness possible
Bless Armour R1- Armour Soak can't be ignored. Gain +1 defence. Pierce reduction by 2.
Bless Weapon R1- Gain 1 white; gain 2 eagle crit, may gain Inspired.
Clarity of Eagles R4 - See as eagle flying over battlefield; may whisper advice to a target
Confounding Prayer R1-Target gains demoralized; may gain cowed
Dismay Foe R1- Target gains demoralized
Divine Prowess R2 - Gain an extra attack
Improved Bless Weapon R3- Weapon gains superior, bonus white, pierce 2, gains vicious, gains 2 boons=+1 crit, may gain bonus yellow; may gain inspired
Inspire Comrades/Inspire Self R1- Target gains Inspired cond or Invigorated cond; may gain bonus to next attack
Rousing Prayer R1- Target gains energised condition; may also gain Inspried cond.
Sieze the Initiative R1-  Put your initiative at any point. May grant a bonus to ally.  May recover stress/fatigue. May recharge an action by one point.
Tactical mastery R2- Use an additional talent; may gain bonus yell to next attack.
Weapon Mastery R2- Your DR gains +1; may gain 1 white if using sword or spear.
The Eagle's Stoop R3- +1 damage per favour expended; may gain bonus criticals
The Perfect Warrior R5 (Epic) - You may gain immediate melee or ranged action that your target has ability to perform; may gain 1 white on that action.
True Mastery R4 - Gain Mastery with all Basic Skills. May gain 1 white for basic checks; may gain Masetery with all Advanced Skills; ally may also gain Mastery.


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