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Ulric Blessings (2e, 3e)

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Summary list if anyone wants to work on them:

e3 Ulric
Battle Howl
Duty Before Dishonour
endure Elements
Fury of the White Wolf
Fury of Ulric
Prey's Scent
Sacred Flame of the White Wolf R3
Spectral Wolf R3
Swiftness of the Wolf
Ulric's Strength
Valour of Ulric
Winter's Chill
Wolf's Cunning


hc 3
Wolfpack R5
Fants fo the Wolf R4
Howling Mad R4

Battle Fury
Crush the Weak
Frost's Bite
Heart of the Wolf
Hoarfrost Thews
Howl of the Wolf
Ice Storm
Ulric's Gift
Unbridled Rage
The Snow King's Decree
Wild Pack
Winter's Chill

Blessing of Ulric
Blessing of the Blood-Hound

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