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Jade Order/Lore of Life (list only)

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Fan summary list of 2e and 3e spells

Cure Blight
Curse of Thorns
Earth Blood
Earth Gate
Father of Thorns
Fat of the Land
Flesh of Clay
Leaf Fall
River's Whisper
Spring Bloom
Summer Heat
Track's Tale Told
Tree-dweller's Step
Tree's Rustle
Vital Growth
The Wilds Undisturbed
Winter Frost
Wood Shape

3e Hero's Call
-Jade Order
3Breath of Life R5
3Fury fo the North Wind R4
3Lifebloom R4

-3Curse of Thorns3
-3Gift of Life3
-3Growing Season3
-3The Howling Wind3
-3Lance of Nature3
-3Leaf Fall3
-33Master the Seasons3
-3Rain of Life3
-3Shape Plants3
-3Summer's Heat3
-3The Whispering Wind3
-3Winter's Frost3

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