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Amber Order/Lore of Beasts (list only)

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WFRP2/ WFRP3 Equivalent Arcane Lores (fan list)
These lists will be created to give ideas for additional conversions for unfinished POD expansions for WFRP3.  It begins with listings only. Others are welcome to complete the project.


It is suggested to use an approximate card from a different order when converting after first choosing the Rank of the spell.


Lore of Beasts/Amber Order


The Beast Broken 

The Boar's Hide
Calm the Wild Beast

Cowering Beasts
Crow's Feast
Cruelty's Desserts
Form of the Puissant Steed

Master's Voice

Repugnant Transformation

Wings of the Falcon
The Winter's Long Slumber


Equivalent 3e 
The Beast Made Well (3e = The Beast Made Well)
The Beast Unleashed (3e = The Boar's Vigour)

Claws of Fury (3Primal Claw3)(3Fangs of Fury3)

Form of the Raging Bear (3Form of the Black/Brown Bear3)

Form of the Ravening Wolf (3Form of the Grey Wolf/White Wolf3)
Form of the Soaring Raven (3Form of the Black Raven/Crow3)
The Ox Stands(3Feral Howl3)
The Talking Beast (3Beast Speech3)

3e (New = no 2e version)

3e -Bestial Transformation
3e - The Hunter's Spear3
3e - Judgement of Beasts3
3e -Keen Senses3


-Amber 3e Hero's Call
Amber Talons R4
Hunter's Moons R4
Transformation of Kadon R5



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