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just to make sure..

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atlantic lvl 3 says to discard friends before coming into play. is that from hand or sacrificed from play??

note: i did check the cemprehensive rule thread already, didnt find this question there

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Gee this is a really hard question.  No sarcasm, no joking.  It's really vague.


Here's the official card text for Atlantica lvl 3: "[Dark 3] You must discard two Friend or Magic/Friend Cards before you play this card."

Now there's several things to note about this statement.

A) The text of Alice: "Each player must choose and discard a Friend Card in his/her Friend Area during his/her Discard Phase".  The important thing to note here is that it SPECIFICALLY talks about Friends in the Friend Area, and not in the hand or anywhere else.

B) The text of Pinocchio: "You may discard this card from your Friend Area and declare a card name during your Action Phase.  If you do so, your opponent reveals his/her hand and discards all cards with the name you declared."  The important thing here is that it specifically talks about cards being in the hand.

C) It also talks about Magic/Friend cards.  The thing with that is that all Magic/Friend cards in the Friend Area get discarded automatically near the end of the turn, so depending upon how you look at the card text... it's useless to include Magic/Friend cards UNLESS you could discard them from your hand.

But one might also note that Magic/Friend cards get discarded in the Discard Phase, and World Cards get played during the Action Phase, meaning that any Magic/Friend cards sacrificed for this card will be discarded BEFORE the Discard Phase, so it's not a problem.

Also, cards like Aero talk about both players discarding cards from their hands, so discarding cards from the hand is not unheard of.

But it doesn't SAY it has to be from the hand.  Nor does it SAY it has to be from the Friend Area.  So my conclusion is...


It's either or.  You can discard from your friend area (Helpful if you have a card like Kairi), or you can discard from your hand (Helpful if you have friend cards you can't play yet in your hand or something.)

This isn't an official ruling or anything.  It's just the most thoughtful response I could give you.

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