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Purchasing Advice: Buying For Neutral Factions

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So, I'm a fairly casual player of W:I, and even though the game is discontinued now, I really want to be able to build decks for each of the neutral races. I am especially interested in a Skaven deck and an Undead deck, but I want one for all four.


So my question is this: Which deluxe expansions and which battlepacks should I purchase to be able to make a solid deck for all four of them? 


All I own is the Core Set, Legends deluxe set, and Assault on Ulthuan deluxe set. I'm sure that you guys will recommend buying March of the Damned for the Undead. What about for everyone else? (especially skaven)

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Well, obviously you should buy Hidden Kingdoms. : D


As for skavens it isn't that easy to recommend a special expansion.

You can have a look on how they're divided upon the packs here:


Notice, that these cards are only included as an one of in their pack:

-Greyseer Thanquol

-Chittering Horde

-Clan Moulder's Elite

-Poision Wind Globadiers

-Rat Ogres

-Deathmaster Sniktch


-Plague Monk


As there are some of the best skaven cards in that list, it's not that easy how to decide.

I definitely would buy Tooth and Claw. Beyond that I don't know. Depends, on how many packs you're willing to buy and how the skaven decks will work with Hidden Kingdoms. It's actually hard to tell at the moment, as I haven't played it yet.


Though, I hope this helps a little bit. ;)

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I have the same question so thanks for asking Knight! :)


I don't want to end up buying EVERY cycle packs, it'll be **** too much for my casual playstyle.  I currently have the core set and ulthuan and having fun with it.  But i'd love to be able to play the Skavens or the Vampires too! Lizardmen i'd love to try them and Wood Elves would suit some friends tastes.


So knowing all that I really don't know where to go.  I know March introduced the Vampires and Lizardmen so it should be a sure bet.  The first cycle for more Skavens...


It's really confusing and frightening when you start a LCG that late :P

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March of the Damned,along with Hidden Kingdoms, will give you enough Lizardmen and Undead cards to build stand alone decks, so definitely go for this first.


Legends will give you access to Swarm of Bats, which is quite powerful for undead decks, Terradon Riders for the Lizardmen, and Protective Sprites for Wood Elf, which are all cards I use quite a bit.


The Fiery Dawn Battle Pack will get you 3 copies of the Forest Dragon, which you'll probably want if you play Wood Elf (and The Wild Hunt with it)


Skaven tho are a bit harder to buy for. As mentioned above, a lot of their cards are spread over earlier battle packs, and the earlier battle packs didn't come with 3 of every card like the newer ones do, so you'll need multiple copies of the same battle pack to get 3 copies of some cards.

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