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Selling collection cheap - partially damaged

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I've had my collection up on eBay for a week, until my daughter managed to knock a glass of milk off a table and partially spill it onto my GoT binder. Pulled all the cards out and dried off, but about 1/3 of them are damaged. Not all are the same degree; some just very minor moisture damage on the edge, but some have bits of backing peeled off from separating wet cards. 


The sets included are:


  • Game of Thrones LCG Core set
  • Queen of Dragons deluxe expansion
  • Lions of the Rock deluxe expansion
  • The Grand Melee (Tale of Champions 21-40)
  • On Dangerous Grounds (Tale of Champions 41-60)
  • Trial By Combat (Tale of Champions 81-100)
  • A Poisoned Spear (Tale of Champions 101-120)
  • Valar Morghulis (Beyond the Narrow Sea 1-20)
  • Valar Dohaeris (Beyond the Narrow Sea 21-40)
  • Chasing Dragons (Beyond the Narrow Sea 41-60)
  • The Banners Gather (Kingsroad 1-20) (Undamaged, still in box)

No idea on the value of this collection with some damaged cards, so I'm willing to entertain offers.


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