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The Preorder So Far > Episode TBD: A Misleading Hope

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So the regular crowd so far has:



-IMP Aces     @ $29.95        Preorder/Arrival "Q1 2014" [currently at the factory]

-Tantive IV     @ $89.99        Preorder/Arrival "Shipping Early 2014"

-Transport     @ $59.99        Preorder/Arrival "Shipping Early 2014"



-IMP Aces     @ $19.99        Preorder/Arrival TBD

-Tantive IV     @ $60.27        Preorder/Arrival TBD

-Transport     @ $40.17        Preorder/Arrival TBD



-IMP Aces     @ $19.99        Preorder/Arrival "December 2013 - Subject to change"



Team Covenant

-IMP Aces     @ $24.97        Preorder/Arrival TBD

-Tantive IV     @ $77.47        Preorder/Arrival "Spring 2014"

-Transport     @ $52.47        Preorder/Arrival "Spring 2014"


Then there's the optimistic:



-IMP Aces     @ $23.95        Preorder/Arrival "December"

-Tantive IV     @ $65.95        Preorder/Arrival "February"

-Transport     @ $45.95        Preorder/Arrival "February"


And then there's the truly honest/cynical:


Atomic Empire

-IMP Aces     @ $23.99        Preorder/Arrival "January 1, 2020"

-Tantive IV     @ $71.99        Preorder/Arrival "January 1, 2020"

-Transport     @ $47.99        Preorder/Arrival "January 1, 2020"




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The FFG Games Center preorders are actually 10% off, so it's not quite as bad as full retail.  The nice thing about that you know they will have it on release day, and they will have enough to cover pre-orders.  They do run the Games Center like a independent store (to not screw other FLGS) so they do not get them early or anything.

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<Obi-Wan checks this thread>


"I've got a bad feeling about this."


"I don't sense anything."

"It's not about the miniatures, master, it's something . . . elsewhere. Elusive."

"Don't center on the release date, Obi-Wan. Keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs."

"But Master Yoda said I should be mindful of what FFG says."

"Not at the expense of your sanity. Be mindful of the announcement page, young padawan."

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