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Hopefully you guys don't mind me making you aware of a new site I'm in the process of building!  Hopefully you find it useful regardless of where you're based.


This week we've been taking a look at the current Corp meta and means to combat the common decks;


We also have a new youtube channel for you to feast your eyes and ears with.  This past couple of weeks I have been uploading video coverage of our recent trip to the monthly Worcester tournament (with commentary).  Please have a look and subscribe for more netrunnery goodness.

Currently we're also providing free forum hosting for netrunner groups wherever you may be.  If you'd like your own board/s with moderator status, please feel free to contact me at  Hopefully it can be a place of meta discussion and event planning for a group in your area.


Thanks for looking.

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Just visited your website and have found it very interesting. Looking forward to seeing more content.


I have one suggeston : could you add a directory which people register to and maybe include an email address and location. Might be a useful way to allow for more people to meet up with one another or plan events/ meets


Anyway, excellent job

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