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FInal Call of Cthulhu event in Burwood, Sydney for the year!

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Hey Investigators!

Last Call of Cthulhu function at Burwood is on December 21st. Details as follows

Call of Cthulhu Tournament!

Where: Good Games Burwood

Level 1, 195a Burwood Rd


When: Saturday December 21st. 1pm rego, 1.30pm start

Format: Standard

Entry: $10

Prizes: A Season 2 prize kit will be drafted amongst all players after the tournament, plus store credit is up for grabs-plus a fun afternoon playing a fantastic game with cool people

Post tournament refreshments, and a meal if required, will be available across the road at La Plaka for all those wanting to celebrate Christmas with a great community!

If you want to try the game let us know and we will have a smorgasboard of decks for you to choose from to use on the day!




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Hey Team!


We played yesterday in what was a fantastic event, 2 great new players and some fine, intense battles through the field. After 4 rounds, the following results were posted


1st Kieren 3-1 Agency

2nd Kenny 3-1 Miskatonic/Hastur looneys

3rd Neil Miska/Shub/Hastur everything with Ice Shaft recursion

4th 2-2 Brother Jason Hastur/Yog

5th Ronan 2-2 Cthulhu (Ronans first event ever!)

6th Kurt 2-2 Yithians

7th Marlon (Marlons first event ever) 1-3 order of silver twilight


And it was awesome. Everyone had a fine time and the quality of play and sportsmanship was high. Can't wait until the league starts again next month, the store championships happen and the core set comes back so we can get more people into this terrific game!





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