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40k Unified RPG project

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I've been working for some time on a unified RPG for the 40k universe, stealing aspects I liked from each of the core FFG systems and hammering them together into something similar, but a little stranger. The idea was to be able to give players a certain amount of XP and they could make practically anything in the worldframe they wanted, with some vestige of balance thrown in for good measure.

I've been playtesting this with my group for a while, with Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Astartes characters all making appearances, and I'm now looking for outside opinions. Right now it's still a little rough and ready, but I feel it's complete enough to get a general feel for the concepts involved. Many of you will note that some of your favourite chapters are missing from the Astartes rules - so far I've only knocked together the chapters that are present in my campaigns. I'll be fixing this soon and I'll post an update - I just need a break for a week or so!

If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for your time!


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In general I would've hoped FFG would've done this from the onset.....that would've been ideal for cross import of races and characters.  I am intrigued with what you have come up with but cannot access it from work so it will have to wait until later before I can glimpse at what you've come up with.


Other things that would've been streamlined (and/or fixed more rapidly) would've been things like Rapid and Automatic Fire off the top of my head.  I've read gaming groups using the rules from other systems in DW because the DW rules were broken or hodge-podging rules from other games to fix rules in DW.  Finding a conversion matrix for importing races and characters from other games into DW compatible ones and so on.  Not sure if the blame lies with FFG or GW on the different rules/systems for the different RPG's.  A singular system being developed from the inception would've made integration SOOOO much more user friendly than what has materialized.  Perhaps with the 2nd Gen of DH and so on will address that.

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Might need a Gmail or Google+ account, it works for me.  Just a guess.


Left out Space Wolves Faction and the special rules regarding Space Wolf Scouts (Veterans rather than initiates like other Astartes).  They start off with off with a few extra traits and skills and a balance factor of only 800 XP's to spend (initially) compared to other Marines.  Just a quick glance so far, will look deeper a bit later and respond further.

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For those interested - this is the first run of the Space Puppies rules that I'll be adding in. Still need to double check some of the balances and run it past the Space Wolf fluff monkies I know. If any of you are Space Wolf fluff monkies and have issues/comments/praise to throw at me, let me know.


Son of Fire: Those born to a Fenris summer are skilled sailors and strong in the arm. They are a rowdy lot, moving and raiding from place to place as their whims take them. Sons of Fire gain the Survival or Operate [Primitive] skill. THey gain +5 Strength or Perception, but suffer -5 Intelligence or Fellowship.
Son of Ice: The Fenrisian winters are a time of community amongst the jarls of Fenris. The longhalls are alive with cheer, fire and mead as a stark contrast to the bleak ice outside. The greatests Skalds are born to the deepest winters, and even the Fire-born use this time to sing, drink and boast. Sons of Ice gain the Survival or Trade [Orator] skill. They gain +5 Perception or Fellowship, but suffer -5 Ballistic Skill or Willpower.
Son of Changing Skies: The time between light and dark, between fire and ice, this is a time of power according to the wolf priests and the rune casters. Children born when a season changes are spoken of in hushed whispers by their peers as otherworldly. The rune casters examine them for power, and rarely find them wanting. Sons of Changing Skies gain the Psyniscience or Trade [Rune casting] skill. They gain +5 Perception or Willpower but suffer -5 Weapon Skill or Fellowship.
Wulfen-born: +5 Weapon Skill and +5 Perception
Skald-blood: +5 Perception and +5 Fellowship
Lone Wolf: +5 Toughness and +5 Perception
Saga of the Kraken Slayer
Saga of the Bear
Saga of the Death Wolf
Saga of the Wulfen Slae
Requirements: Athletics, Common Lore [space Wolves], Dodge, Speak Language [Chapter Runes] and Stealth trained.
Pistol Weapon Training [bolt] learned. 
Must have hunted and killed a Fenrisian wolf.
Benefits: Signature Wargear [bolt Pistol], [Combat Knife] and [Astartes Power Armour] gained. Implant XX trait received.
Must make a Malignancy test as if the character had reached 30 corruption. On a failed test, gain a malignancy. This malignancy must be thematically appropriate to the Canis Helix and does not count as a mutation or malignancy for the purpose of psychic powers or further corruption gain.
Saga of the Blood Claw
Requirements: Saga of the Wulfen Slae. Common Lore [War] and [Adeptus Astartes] trained.
Killing Strike, Melee Weapon Training [Chain], Unarmed Master.
Benefits: Signature Wargear [Chainsword] [3x Frag Grenades]
Saga of the Red Snow
Requirements: Saga of the Blood Claw. Scholastic Lore [Legends]. Basic Weapon Training [bolt]. Heavy Weapon Training [bolt or Launcher]
Benefits: Signature Wargear [boltgun] [3x Krak grenades]
Saga of the Grey Hunter
Requirements: Any Three Space Wolf badges. Scholastic Lore [book of Russ]. Adopted into a Great Company.
Benefits: Astartes Weapon Training

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