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Shud(de) up!

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Back to real Arkham after a very long hyathus (something like 40 games of abstinence and solitude). Boards prepared (AH, KH, IH and the nice addi©tion of MH), Shudde M'ell in play with Dagon and Hydra, and 5 investigators (Carolyn, Dexter, Akachi, Jacqueline, Bob - one of my favourites ever) urging to celebrate the day Joe's glorious creations hit my table for the first time with a sound victory. HA. You wish.


Setup was great, with Dexter getting an Elder Sign, Bob recovering a Tommy Gun and some other useful items here and there. I was a little worried for the low initial clues of the party, but hey, I got an ES, so, shut up, and play.


First gate (Abyss) at the Woods, second one (Great Race) at the Witch House, with a lovely purring Lloigor on it. Sweet kitty. End of the game the Lloigor was STILL there. Nevermind, Dexter dashed to the Woods, killed the cultist and jumped into the Abyss. Was it necessary? wouldn't it have been better to save the ES for later? Just in case, you know, Devil Reef has something to say in the mix? Naaaa, with two high freq gates open and Shudde in play, you don't want all those pesky monster surges, right? Well, you know...


Mythos One: DEVIL REEF. And no one able to reach the reef in a short time, nor with enough clues to do the job. While I wa struggling on what to do, the Crawling One at the rift decided to meet some friends in the water and dived into the rift. +1 DOR. Bad start.


I decided to trust in Bob and Carolyn. Bob dashed to the Unnamable to gather the third clue, only to be ambushed by a gate to Leng (same as the one open at DR - allow me to remember that I play with gates both from the base game and the LatT; this will explain what's next). Carolyn went to the station and decided to go to Innsmouth to grab the two clues at Dagon's int he coming turn. Clearly, by the end of Mythos two, I had 3 out of 4 rift progress markers on the same rift track in Kingsport, so Carolyn was a little distracted from her main task. And clearly..


Mythos Two: Esoteric Order of Dagon. G'd bye two clues. And the situation in Innsmouth kept on becoming worse.


Bob was double delayed in Leng, so that Carolyne managed to gather the two missing clues in Kingsport before entering the third Leng gate open at Marsh Refinery (ok, now I miss only Evidence Destroyed to rejoin my family in Innsmouth). By the time she returned to Devil Reef, Bob had finally returned to the Refinery. Needless to say, three out of three characters I had in the OWs (Akachi managed to sneak under the sleeping Lloigor) had an encounter granting them 2 clues; Akachi and Carolyn didn't need them, and Bob did, and guess who's the only one who failed the check? Bob, obviously. Anyway, everybody back to Arkham!


Bob didn't seal because of the lack of clues, but had to close to keep the number of gates in play low, and additionally I preferred not leaving another open gate in Innsmouth; but he had to try twice, and in between he managed to kill the Wraith guarding the gate with only three dice; Carolyn sealed the rift, but nobody was able to rescue her for a while. She went to Y'han-something, and foudn a marvellous encounter instructing her to move to R'lyeh in case the Speed check was failed, but she clearly passed; Akachi sealed and was injured by a Formless spawn.


So, three seals on the board, 8 doomers. Plus, the Bank destroyed by an Earthquake.


Bob decided to fetch some research materials before recovering Carolyn from Falcon Point. Bad move. He failed the Martial law check and was arrested, only to be freed immediately and deported to Devil Reef. So, the rescuer and the rescuee in the same place, no gates open there, no nothing.


The Servitor of the Outer Gods made a sloppy appearence in the Church Green streets. Oh, yeah.


In the meantime, Jacq sealed the Science Building (after Dexter had blessed himself only to discard the blessing and pass the Worlds Turn Asunder rumor). Yay! 4 seals on the board, not too bad.


Gate burst at the Woods.




Nevermind. Akachi failed her PS by spending a trophy at SB but collecting four clues. She entered the R'lyeh gate, only to find an encounter asking her to pass a Luck check (she failed) or lose all the clues and go LiTaS. She wasted two clues and passed the check, while Dexter dashed to the Curiosity shoppe with some residual money and got another Elder Sign.


The board started being overcrowded with monsters, and a new gate opened at Marsh's. Nice addition to all of this, a rift decided to open at the Woods (and the second surge of the game closed the Administration Building).


Carolyn and Bob were still sunbathing at Devil's reef. Another gate opened, making the doom track advance to 10. Still three seals on the board.


Jacqueline tried to escape the Servitor only to be devoured. Replacement number 1, Ursula, was drawn. Dexter hurried to Hibbs to pass returning Akachi the Elder Sign. She sealed, but the Seizures afflicting her made her losing an additional point of Stamina, which resulted in a Broken Hand.


Doom track set back to nine. Carolyn drew an encounter instructing her to pass a Luck (-1) [2] or be devoured. She used all her clues and passed, so that she returned to Falcon Point, removed a doomer from the doom track and cleared the DOR (which had just reached a nefarious 5, too similar to "game over" to me). Doom track back to 8.


Next Mythos: Silver Twilight Lodge (doom track returned to 9) AND active rift moving on its colour (doom track 10). Ugh.


Ursula hitchhiked a Nightgaunt and dived under two Dark Youngs and Barnabas Marsh guarding the Unnamable gate to Celano. Carolyn rescued Bob, and then moved to kill the Rat Thing at Joe Sargent's bus stop. She killed the Rat thing but failed the check for Martial Law (aye, I know it should be the other way round, but we play this way: monsters first, Martial Law check after) and was imprisoned, only to meet the Shoggoth during the following round. Tekeli, Tekeli! And she was gone. Rolled the dice for replacement: Patrice. Some sun over Innsmouth?


An entire family was slaughtered in between, and Dagon offered Shudde the 11th doom token. 2-clue Dexter killed the Warlock at the STL and entered the Unknown Kadath (after 300 games, I begin wondering why is this place still unknown, but still), trusting in Patrice. Akachi entered the new Woods gate (double gate R'lyeh & Abyss). Bob reached in some way Kingsport and started working on the rift, with the help of Patrice. Ursula returned to the Unnamable and sealed.


Monster surge.


Dexter cast Find gate to return to Arkham and seal the STL. Ursula managed to kill Barnabas to set the doom track back to ten. Ursula moved to the second area of R'lyeh. 5 seals on the board.


A new gate opened at Y'han-thlei. The monster didn't move, otherwise with clueless Bob it'd have been game over.


Akachi returned to the Woods, to cast Sigil of Hermes Trismegistus (we are all Tri-grateful for this spell) and put the dam(n) 6th seal on the table.


17 Mythos, 1 rumor passed, another one running. Craziest game ever, I was about to forfait with two characters forced to stay at DR for several turns and a rift open, but still, a great satisfaction in the end :)

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     17 Mythos cards!  That's a long game for you, my friend.  It reads like a great story and I'm sure it was as hectic and crazy as it's portrayed in your telling of it.  Thanks for the kind words and I'm pleased that the pieces have finally graced your gaming table...please don't hesitate to share your pictures of the game and I, in-turn, will post them in our Gallery!




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No pics taken today, Joe, sorry! No good light (stormy weather here), and artificial light creates a bad glare. Still, Arkham will remain on my table for a week or so, and I'll certainly take some pictures and send them to you :)


(and yes, 17 Mythos is really strange for me)

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She killed the Rat thing but failed the check for Martial Law (aye, I know it should be the other way round, but we play this way: monsters first, Martial Law check after) and was imprisoned, only to meet the Shoggoth during the following round. Tekeli, Tekeli! And she was gone. Rolled the dice for replacement: Patrice. Some sun over Innsmouth?



Nice report and game :) I felt like I was reading the report of one of my (mostly) unlucky games..


About the quoted text...I'm pretty positive that the FAQ says monsters first, then martial law. So you would actually be playing this right.

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Thanks :) Quite a tough game, though.


As for Martial Law, first you check for Martial Law, then you fight the monsters (FAQ, pag. 39):


Q: At the end of your Movement Phase, do you fight monsters before making the Evade check against Martial Law to see if you are arrested or after?
A: After the Evade check against Martial Law.

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In my last game I played against Atlach...I was sorely beaten, due in part to the fact that the first Mythos card was "Evidence Destroyed!". I had DH and IH in play...all those beautiful clue tokens removed...I can't stand the memory :o


Anyway, the most singular thing that happened was having Hank Samson devoured by the spores implanted on him by the Mi-Go...never before had I seen that happen! Anyway, after an unusually arcane Hank was devoured, Marie was drawn as his replacement...too bad that in the same turn Unending Darkness was failed. Imagine a Marie without spells and with her PS failed from the start :lol:


Also, two Seals were down at the end of the game and incredibly, no Seals were removed at all during the game. And I didn't manage to use my only Elder Sign and the Guardian of the Blue Pyramid in time (both held by Amanda).

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:laughter: Tox, sorry for the bad luck streak... interesting, an Atlach game where seals are preserved, and investigators loose the game for other reasons... (DH+IH in an Atlach game are a *huge* advantage, though!)

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