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Player made cards

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I remember playing marvel vs dc and every month or so I would see a player made card on TCG website and I was wondering why not try and make some our selves. I like the dwarfs so why not start with them.

Name: dwarf caretaker

Race: dwarfs

Cost: 0

Loyalty: 2

Power: 0

HP: 1

Forced: when this unit leaves play search your deck or graveyard for another copy of this card and put it in to play in any of your zones.

I think that the dwarfs need a good 0 cost unit just like some of the other races have.

Empire:peasant militia

Orcs: baby squig

DE: walking sacrifice

Chaos has like three of them

What do u guys think? What cards would you guys want?

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No dwarfs don't need better 0 cost unit for My Life for the Hold that even puts itself back into the game?! :huh:


Also baby squig is way worse than militia, sacrifce, lion standard or spawn (chaos actually has two, spawn and prince).


Also: what is graveyard? :P

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Your dwarf guy would be funny with Grudge Thrower and Ancient Debts Repaid :) I also like making up new cards, but only world champions really get to invent one in WHI. Otherwise it would not be such a good price i'd say... Anyhow, you have to be careful with new cards, they could get too strong or open up loops.


Baby Squig is the worst 0 cost unit :( I'd like to have an Orc card that boosts the self damage aspect. Also Orcs lack good supports, so maybe it could be something like this:


Orcs Support (Orcs only)

Cost: 1

Loyalty: 1

Power: 1


This support enters play with 1 damage token on it.


Forced: At the beginning of every turn, put a damage token here. If the 3rd damage token is placed here, sacrifice this card.


Action: Move a damage token from this support card to target unit you control (once per turn).


So it has a drawback and cant be played without units (e.g. as a starting card with another 2 cost support), but with the right units like Urguck or Skarsnik it gives you economy and an advantage in play. It's also not thought through, just some quick thought. Fun thread, i like it!

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