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I noticed earlier this week that Dust Tactics is on a decent sized sale right now and decided now was finally a good time to get in. I quickly discovered however that the 'good' starting set was no longer available (at actual retail price) anywhere.

So I did research on the Revised edition and found a majority thought the units were unbalanced and that the Allied walker included, well, sucked.

Then I noticed a core set on amazon for $200 used.

Thus my problem:

1: Get used copy and have a nice starting faction with awesome heroes (Sigrid!)


2: Buy revised edition, Achilles (for Sig and Joe), Assault Gren to replace Flak troop, and Tank Busters to replace Hammers and possibly have money left over to either get the better Allied light walker to replace the 'Thunder Chicken' as one reviewer called it or possibly Cerberus.

my rationale behind this was that Revised comes with one armor 3 and two armor 2 squads for Allies, and two armor 3 squads and one armor 2 for axis. Thus my hope was to make it even for both sides thus possibly achieving better balance both in strength and in dynamics (in terms of balance between melee and ranged attacks for both sides). I came up with this solution from watching reviews on the individual units contained in Revised.


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Here's my 2 cents on this.  Keep in mind i'm only a casual player but played a significant number of games since I got the game in 2012.  I was lucky enough to get a new sealed copy of the original core set for under 90CAD so I jumped on it without even thinking.


Concernant the Revised core set, I think it's a great starter set on it's own.  Lots of cool units in there.  Poster maps for quick setup and the revised rules.  What I would strongly recommend is to grab the Terrain Tile set with it.  You'll get 12 cardboard tiles plus the revised Op. Blue Thunder from the original core set.


At $200 i'm not sure it's worth it for an original core set except if you don't care spending that much.  There's enough expansions out right now that you can build a lot great armies with and don't feel the need for the original units.  Plus with the Medium Walkers expansions you get 1 walker model that can be used in 3 different setup.


So what I would grab if I was starting Dust Tactics:


- Revised Core Set

- Terrain Tile set

- 1x Allies Corps Officers (heavy command squad)

- 1x Axis Heavy Kommandotrupp (heavy command squad)

- And if you feel like it 1 or 2 additionnal set of dice (really optional)


I would play a few games to get my hands durty and after a short while I would add:


- 1x Allies Medium Walker exp.

- 1x Axis Medium Walker exp.

- Any units you like for both armies (Axis Zombies and Allies Grim Reapers/Tank Busters are awesome BTW!)


Then if you want a third army, the SSU would be the only way to go for now.  It's really a great army and quite cool and involving to play and takes a bit of time to master.  Love all the combos possible and the surprise they can cause on the battlefield.


There you go, hope that helped you a bit and enjoy this game, it's awesome!


EDIT: Oh! I just saw that they announced new Starter sets with only 1 army in them.  1 Hero + 2 units + 1 medium walker.  Awesome sets!

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