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Q: Hunt Rules & Damage

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Hi, All--


Forgive me if I missed this in the rules or on the forums-- but we had a couple of questions come up during our first play around the Hunt rules.


Hoping someone can help shed some light--


In the game we played the FP player didn't move the fellowship for the first 3-4 turns. He simply sat them in Rivendell. We weren't sure how this would work-- since the rules state the Shadow player can hunt for the fellowship every time the fellowship moves (pg 19).


This leads to the first question--


1) If the FP player does NOT move the fellowship-- can the SP still hunt for it?


2) If the above is yes-- then if the fellowship is revealed by the Shadow player and inside a FP stronghold, does it take hunt damage? 


In my example it would be let's say - revealed in Rivendell.









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