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Speed Variants

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I will try the Following variants that will speed up this game. 

1. 3 cards in each town but only one is reveled.

2. 3xp to level up 1-4 players, 2xp 5-6 players.

3. Start the game with 10 gold or 5 gold (depending on how fast a game 
you want), then draw 5 cards and buy what you want from those 5 
cards and keep the remaining gold you don't spend. Cards that aren't 
bought are put in a pile and shuffled back into the main deck.

4. Use the Travel Variant with the doom counter variant but don't 
actually use the doom counter , just the variant. We will call this 
the Variant Counter. This way you are not rushed and can enjoy the 
game. It will be fast enough using these rules. Basically you just 
use the first 4 cities counting from the bottom to the top for 3 
players,6 cities for 4-5 players and 8 cities for 6 players. You 
discard used and defeated adventure cards to this Varinet counter. 

If you encounter a travel hazard, you must roll the two movement
dice again. This time, count the number of symbols showing.
(It doesn’t matter which symbols are showing; all that matters
is the number of symbols.) This is your hazard number.

Now look at the Variant track. Starting at the bottom of the track
(the Vynelvale space), count upwards a number of spaces equal
to your hazard number, and note the color of the adventure card
in that position. If your hazard number is four, for example, you
will look at the fourth space of the doom track, which is the
Vynelvale space.

Timing Note: Rolling for hazards is always the last thing you
do after moving. If you have any cards to play or abilities to use
“after moving,” be sure to do so before rolling for hazards. 


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