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Slightly scarier Yog-Sothoth

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Fenyx has sent me a picture of the promotional AO handed out at Arkham Nights, and I spent some time reconstructing it in photoshop:




He doesn't look fiercely difficult, but at least he isn't boring like the original.


Note that I've added the expansion icon at the bottom as it was forgotten this year.

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Not as boring as current Yog Sothoth, but a lot meaner since he is actually meaner than say, Yig in terms of monsters. Personally, I think the gates and a few less monsters but just standard doom tokens would make him less rough. I mean, look at it, you are playing a minimum of two monsters, not counting terrors/Mythos, which make it that much rougher to get the trophies, in more than a four person game, it isn't exactly unreasonable to expect multiple people will flat out die before they can do anything.


Edit: Looking at it, in a six person game with bad luck on the mythos deck and failing between one and two tasks, you go from no doom tokens to three, which kills half the party who might not have gone and have no tokens, which add three more tokens which kills the other three players because they won't have a second trophy to burn, which adds three more doom tokens. Congratulations, you are now one failure from awakening Yog Sothoth by turn four. Oh, and midnight at the end of his turn which can awaken him if the players don't.

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Yeah I came **** near such an unlucky streak. One character came into the game with the Alchemy spell so she had a trophy to burn right away, and this stopped the chain.

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I have no problem with the game being challenging. But, as much as I love FFG, and I have Arkham and a bunch of the expansions, quit collecting since there are so many and we don't actually play anymore. But I have MoM plus one expansion, might get the second, they have a tendency to go for super killy without any real consideration to how just a little bad luck or a bad first Mythos card could get that chain going and there is nothing you can do except start over. Challenging is fun. A chain where you are going to lose and there is nothing you can do to stop it? Frustrating. Playing with four people -might- make this more challenging and not straight "You lose" level of killy, but if you have more people who want to play your choices really become choose another GOO or prepare to lose or really rely on luck not to get screwed over, which in my experience is not how Elder Signs or any Arkham Games run.

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Old thread, but it seemed relevant enough to not start a new topic:


Sorry in advance for how long this is.


I just played a game against this Arkham Nights Yog-Sothoth, and he kicked my ass.  I'm curious as to whether I played it right, or not, due to several ambiguities which I will describe below.  I'm sure I would have lost anyway, based on the way the game went while it was still a game, but then the end fight was just a domino effect of terrible, as described above in posts #3 and #4.


So here's what happened: I'm playing solo on Vassal, controlling 7 investigators, since I see Tibs needs data on those games.  It is 9 O'clock, five tokens on the doom track, with 5 elder signs.  Not going GREAT, but also not going terribly.  Marie, Player 6, completes an adventure.  Hooray!  She draws a new adventure - Transported by Magic.  Uh oh.  Then:


#1) Midnight happens.  Transported by Magic adds two doom tokens to the doom track, as I have two Another World adventures in play.

#2) This triggers a gate and then a monster.  Okay, better go through the trophy discarding round.  All but Leo (Player 2) can pay the price:


-----Michael (Player 1) discards a 2-trophy adventure, leaving him with no trophies.

-----Mark (Player 3) discards a 2-trophy adventure, leaving him with no trophies.

-----Jim (Player 4) discards a 1-trophy adventure, leaving him with a 1-trophy monster and a 2-trophy adventure.

-----Jacqueline (Player 5) discards a 2-trophy adventure, leaving her with a 3-trophy monster.

-----Marie (Player 6) discards a 1-trophy monster, leaving her with a 2-trophy adventure.

-----Wilson (Player 7) discards a 2-trophy adventure, leaving him with no trophies.

-----Leo is devoured, and a doom token is added to the doom track, leading to...


#3) Another gate!  Here we go again.  This time, only Jim, Jacqueline, and Marie survive:


-----Jim (4) discards his 1-trophy monster, leaving him with his 2-trophy adventure.

-----Jacqueline (5) discards her 3-trophy monster, leaving her with no trophies.

-----Marie (6) discards her 2-trophy adventure, leaving her with no trophies.


#4) Okay, at this point, 3 more tokens had been added to the doom track, leading Yog-Sothoth to awaken with one more doom token than was even necessary.  What time was it when all that went down?  Oh yeah, midnight.  Okay, so Marie (6) drew the adventure that started all THAT, so it's Wilson (7)'s turn.  He's dead.  3 O'clock.


#5) Michael (1)'s dead.  6 O'clock.


#6) Leo (2)'s dead.  9 O'clock.


#7) Mark (3)'s dead.  Midnight.  Yog-Sothoth attacks.  Jim (4) discards his 2-trophy adventure, leaving him with no trophies.  Jacqueline (5) and Marie (6) are devoured, having no trophies.


#8) Now it's Jim's turn, but the game is pretty much over.  He does hit Yog-Sothoth for 1 doom token.  Then his turn ends, and it's 3 O'clock.  All six of his teammates devoured, the clock moves to midnight again and kills him.  The end.  Yog-Sothoth wins.


I'm pretty sure I played that right, following the right order of events.  The only thing that might have changed the situation as it was, was if I considered #2 and #3 to have happened simultaneously, meaning a 2-trophy could have been discarded to pay both gate penalties.  Should I have done that?  Or was I simply screwed from the moment I drew Transported by Magic?


I guess I should have planned better for the snowball effect (which you'd think I would have done, seeing as how that Daoloth game I posted about recently went.  I should have gone for more 1-trophy adventures, and been more judicious about attempting adventures with doom penalties.


Even if I had played the game better up to that point, though, it seems as if this Arkham Nights Yog-Sothoth is very unbalanced for games with more players, seeing as how the clock still advances for each devoured player's turn.


(I'm realizing that that Hastur game I posted about earlier in the stats thread when I asked about forfeits probably wasn't a win either, as I'm pretty sure we were not advancing the clock for devoured investigators in the final battle.)


In fact, it may be argued that this game is easier for one- or two-player teams, given this clock-advancing system.


(And I'm suddenly understanding why the final battle "almost always ends in failure and death" - I was thinking that that wasn't true, but I hadn't played a game with more than one or two investigators that made it to the final battle since I started playing the game by the rules.  There are so many...)


Edit: Do you want me to post this data, Tibs?  I'm not sure if I should, since I'm speculating whether the simultaneous gates meant investigators could spend two trophies at once to meet the requirement or not.  If not, I think I played it according to the rules, if not WELL (and my not playing all seven investigators well by myself might skew the data as it is, so maybe I should stop posting the data until I'm better at this game)...

Or do you want data from people who aren't very good to offset all the masters on these forums that are playing and submitting and claiming the game is too easy?


TL;DR: How simultaneous is the devouring and trophy-discarding for Yog-Sothoth?  Can a 2-trophy monster or adventure satisfy him if two gates happen at once?  And is it just me, or does he seem unbalanced for games with a larger number of investigators?

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