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My road to World's Final Match (very long)

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X Wing World Championship 2013 (Fantasy Flight HQ)

My road to World's Final Match!


FYI, There is a lot to read, so you may not want to read it all in one sitting


About six months back I started playing the X Wing miniatures game.  I loved the simplicity of it compared to 40k, how the miniatures where cheap and pre-painted, and that it was Star Wars.  I was pretty much hooked.  I loved being able to fly Tie fighters/interceptors around without usually getting one shot like they did on Rogue Squadron on N64/Gamecube.  To sum up, I entered the regional’s at JJ’s game Lounge (FLGS) in LA and was able to take first place.  I primarily went to see how well I could compete at a competitive level with several people from out of town coming in to kick butt.  I came to find out that the winner would get entered into the World Championship in November.  I was very tempted to go, but wasn’t ready to commit.  I was on the fence for a couple months.  With the urging of my friends, I decided to make travel plans.


Finally the weekend of the 8th-11th arrived.  I showed up on Friday evening, and was able to have ball in the X-Wing furball event and had a blast.  I was able to get a quick practice game in that night with my swarm vs. Joey who I had gotten to know back in LA during the tournaments.


For my list, I decided to go with a rather basic Tie swarm:

Howlrunner+determination+stealth (22), Darkcurse (16), and 5 Acadamy Pilots (60) = 98pts total


Originally I was thinking about dropping darkcurse and determination to upgrade 3 of the AP to Alpha interceptors.  This sounded like a better counter to other swarms, one less dial to worry about, and give me some extra hitting power to go for easier match wins.  However, during testing the build didn’t do very well, since the alphas would always drop first, usually I would get a ‘mod loss’ since losing 18pts at a time was much worse than 12pts.  So I decided to go with the pure fighter swarm that I won one of the previous tourneys with.


The next morning, I was ready to get going.  However, Joey and I had won regionals in LA, so we both had first game byes.  So the tournament got off to a fantastic start with a 5 point win. 


Game 1:

Match win by default, 5 pts.


PS: unfortunately I completely forgot to write down the opponent’s names, so please forgive that I didn’t remember your name.  Feel free to remind me and I’ll edit the post with your name if you would like.  Everyone I played over the weekend was very nice, and each and every match was a great time, bar game 1 of course.


Game 2:

I got matched up against (forgot your name sorry!) running a shuttle escort list:

OGP+Vader, Howl+PTL, backstabber, 1 obsidian, and 2 AP.  It was a very intriguing list, since I wasn’t expecting to see any shuttles.  I also lost the roll for initiative (so much for the 98pts to win it idea).  My basic game plan was simple: focus fire the shuttle so my Ties wouldn’t take excessive crits.  I deployed in the standard Piqsid pointer formation (setup for a bus 2x3 formation of Ties after the first movement).  He then deployed the shuttle directly opposite, along with his Tie block formation.  After two movement phases, went 5 forward T1, and again on T2 to part the front of the formation just in front of the shuttle.  My opponent could see it coming however, and did a 3 bank to setup some good shots off on my left flank (including howlrunner).  But I was able to park darkcurse to the flank of his backstabber.  Shooting was brutal, with me losing howl early along with an AP, while I was able to 1 shot backstabber with darkcurse and did a lot of damage to the shuttle. 


The next turn I was able to finish off the shuttle before it could fire again with darkcurse, and the rest of my APs K-turned to begin focus fire on his swarm formation while taking little damage in return.  We had a few rounds of the furbal, and I was able to get some luck with focus fire.  Toward the end, I had two AP (one of which with damage) and darkcurse to his Howlrunner with PTL.  I tried to chase her down for a couple turns, but then realized it would be extremely hard to kill her off while risking my own Ties going in piecemeal.  So I decided that discretion is the better part of valor, and decided to just run away for the last few min (although it tugged at my honor some).

Mod win, 3pts (8pts total).



Game 3:

I checked the board, and to my shock my name was highlighted which meanted that I was selected to play on the main table that was being live-streamed.  I also found out that I was matched up against the British Champion.  No pressure right?  Anyway, he was a great guy, but his list did look intimidating: Krassis + HLC+seismic, BH +gunner, and backstabber.


There was a good amount of clutter toward’s the left side, so I decided to put my formation on the far right.  He deployed both firesprays on the far left, with backstabber in-between.  I put darkcurse on the middle-left to act as a bit of bait, or at least a flanker if he turned into me. 


I took a risk, and on the second turn I did a 3 hard left, which took my rather long formation between two different asteroids (the bottom #5 Tie was extremely close to clipping the bottom asteroid, but my estimate was a little too close).  This put me in a great position to focus fire the leading BH that was in front of Krassis.  Shooting went my way on the opening engagement, taking the shields off the BH without losing a Tie (Krassis was rolling a bit below average that game). 


I moved up to block all the possible space in front of the BH with a couple AP and darkcurse on the left, but he pulled a great move and boosted up 4, just clearing the middle Tie.  Unforunately Krassis couldn’t keep up, and ended up bumping into my front Tie.  Thus a got a lot of good shots on Krassis, taking a couple hull points off (and I think I lost and injured Tie).  Meanwhile darkcurse and backstabber rammed straight into each other. 


Unforunately, Krassis was sitting in a perfect spot to drop a seismic which would hit my entire formation if I did the obvious 3 k-turn with the formation.  So I had to do some hard 1 turns and pile-up to keep away from the seismic.  When it went off, it clipped 3 of my Ties, and also barely clipped his backstabber who moved up 5 horizontally to help take heat off of Krassis.  Howl then proved her worth, getting two hits through at R1 onto backstabber, killing him off before he could retaliate.  With the remander of my shots, I was able to finish off krassis while losing a Tie.

The remander of the game was the formation banking around and short-cutting the BH that had to turn around the asteroid in the back-right of the map.  I was able to finish him off with 3 or 4 Ties remaining. 

The champ was very gracious, while having some below average luck that put him in a hard place because he couldn’t kill off my Ties fast enough to stunt their damage output.  He had some really unexpected maneuvers, and the one with backstabber nearly worked in order to try and take out howlrunner between him and the rear arcs of the firesprays.

Match win, 5pts (13pts total)



Game 4:

I got matched up against the exact same list as game #2.  I believe my opponent said him and #2 opponent had come up with the list and both decided to run it (Vader’s shuttle with escort Ties).  We ended up setting on the far right of the map in jousting positions (which worked well enough for me), with my darkcurse and his backstabber facing the middle.  Oh and I lost initiative again.  I believe we both went 5 forward first turn.  I got a little lucky, and was able to kill off a AP that had used his focus to get a hull point off me. 


On T2, he moved the AP up 3, but I was able to pull off a perfect 5 forward with the formation, having all but one of my column jump over the blocking AP.  This then blocked the rest of his formation, and got me in position to put a hurt on the shuttle on the right edge of the map.  With the focus actions, I nearly killed off the shuttle, and I think I also got another Tie down between darkcurse and the left Ties. 


T3 I was able to K-turn behind his lines, with Howl finishing off the shuttle before he could use Vader again, and bagged another Tie.  At this point he was down to only a few Ties, while I had lost one I believe, so he conceded since there wasn’t any reasonable way for him to win.  I definitely appreciated the gesture, since it would take most of the round to keep following him to finish him off.  He just made me promise to keep winning so his strength of schedule would remain high ;)

Match win, 5pts (18pts total)



Game #5 (final preliminary round)


My opponent this round was Dave, who was 4 and 1 so he was under a lot of pressure to win this last one so he could make the cut.  He was running: Chewy + DTF, Biggs +R2D5, and Wedge.  This was the first time to come up against a Rebel player for tourney.  Thankfully the asteroids left a good column in the middle to maneuver through, so I setup my formation in the center.  He then deployed Chewy and Biggs on the far left, so I put darkcurse in front of them to bait them into letting my swarm flank his formation. However he didn’t fall for it. 


In T2, I was still able to get a very good position doing a hard left 3 and got all my Ties able to focus fire, along with darkcurse coming up the side.  When I got in range of the X wings, I was able to focus on Biggs (who rolled rather bad evade dice), and then even managed to finish off Wedge in the same round trading 1 (or maybe 2) Ties.  At this point Chewy was in dire straits, and the rest of my Ties were able to get on his tail.  I believe he was able to paste a couple more Ties, but was too little too late.

Match win 5pts (23pts total)




At this point I am undefeated with 4 match wins and 1 mod win, so I’m nearly sure I’m advancing.  From what I overheard it sounded like two people that went 3-2 would make the cut, so my friend Joey was hoping he might be just high enough to make it.  When the sheets came out, I was a little surprised that there were a couple 4-1 people that didn’t make it.  I was in 5th, which put me in pretty good position for the top 16 match.  Note that I also got the sweet new dark red movement templates, so as far as I was concerned it was mission accomplished!  Of course I was still fly hard, but I think that meeting my goal helped keep me relaxed for the rest of the playoff games.  Onto single elimination!



Game 6: (top 16 match)

I find my opponent Ryan, and notice that he running a very solid Han Shot First list: Han+marksmanship+gunner+chewy crew, and 2 Rookies.  I setup on the far left side to avoid asteroids per usual.  The Rookies setup on the far right, with Darkcurse deploying opposite, and then Han deployed next to the Rookies.


I made my first small mistake, and move up 2 with darkcurse while my formation moved up to be ready to turn for the middle.  Ryan wasted no time and moves forward fast.  Next turn I released my mistake, and darkcurse took a couple shots from Han and a rookie while the Tie block moved to the center of the board (but still out of range).  Thankfully Dark survived with 1 Hull (marksmanship is his kryptonite). 


T3: Things got interesting.  I moved up quick with the swarm, and Rookies turned straight into them.  Han and darkcurse scream past each other.  In shooting, he killed a single Tie, and I was barely able to focus down one of his Rookies.  The following turn, the formation K turned along with the X Wing, and Han swung around the bottom right asteroid to take some long range shots.  Can’t remember if he killed another Tie, but my return fire with Howl’s boost sees me bag the other X Wing on the last roll. 


At this point I have to regroup, but Ryan knew how to the fly the Falcon, and for the next few turns continues to finish off wounded Ties while taking slow damage himself.  The game gets real close, and toward the end of time I end up with 2 wounded Ties to his very hurt Han.  He continues to play Ring-around-the-asteroid, but thankfully I was about to have Howl bank around the bottom, and the other AP bank around the top.  Han shoots and blows Howl apart, but the AP was able to get 2 hits at R1, and successfully finishes off Han.  I very close game and a nail-biter, since next turn I’m sure he would have killed the Tie before he got to fire.

Match win!  Onto Top 8!



Game 7: (Top 8 match) on Sunday


Thankfully I was able to sleep in some since the game didn’t start till about 11ish.  Unfortunately I learned that I got paired up with Brandon who I had had a blast within the Furball event on Friday and who I was talking with after the event.  He had beating several swarms on Sat, so I knew I was in for a tough game.  He was running a 4X build: Wedge+PTL, Biggs, 2 Rookies.  I deployed the swarm to the right to get a good flight path through the asteroids.  Ryan had a good counter-deployment, and put his X’s in a box formation center-left of the table.  I deployed Dark toward the left to bait. 


In the first couple turns, he made some good moves and kept moving toward the far left, forcing my to turn hard into the middle, and start to breakup my formation a bit around an asteroid in the center.  However, dark was able to pull some movement shenanigans, and was able to get a couple pot shots for 1 sheild without getting shot in return (since he had to keep facing toward the left.  We end up attacking on T4 when he does some dist 1 movements to clear stress from doing 4 k-turn near the left edge the turn before, and break out from around the asteroid.  I also K-turned dark to get right in behind his formation.  For the next several turns, we duke it out with lots of close range maneuvering, both of us surprising each other with some very clever moves.  Note that I *almost* got a fantastic move off by going 1 hard left, and then was in position to barrel roll right on top of where Wedge and a Rookie needed  to 4 K-turn.  However, the very corner of my base landed on an asteroid, so instead that AP didn’t last long :P


This one was another nail biter.  We were running out of time, so the Judge let us know we had one last turn.  I had Dark, Howl, and an AP to his healthy Rookie and a 1 hit point Wedge.  Thus I ended up having to K-turn Darkcurse and Howl to get a shot on Wedge.  I also brought up the AP to get on Wedge’s tail at R2, but his Rookie followed just behind me for a R1 shot.  So in order to win I had to kill Wedge.  Dark and Howl both fire, but can’t do any damage (although Dark did force Wedge to use focus).  His Rookie opens fire, and nearly kills the AP, but I was able to use a focus to barely keep him alive.  The last shot of the game sees the AP fire, and only scores 1 hit (even with Howl).  Wedge rolls, and doesn’t gets 0 evades!  I win the game right at the end of time.

Match Win! Onto Top 4 game!



Game 8: (Top 4 match).


I get paired up against the other swarm flown by Dave, who is an extremely chill guy, and had a lot of fun joking around throughout the match.  He has a pretty good list for killing my swarm: Howlrunning, Backstabber, 3 Obsidians, 2 AP.  Looking at his list, he has most of his ships shooting before my APs, so he has a pretty good chance knock out a Tie before I get to fire back (which is huge on a Swarm vs Swarm fight).  The one thing I do have going for me is I have the initiative at 98pts to 100pts.  I also noticed that the Team Covenant guys setup to record the match while the other top 4 match was being played on the Live-stream table.  If I can remember I’ll try to link to their Youtube vid once they post it. 



EDIT:  here is the link to the Team Covenant video report: 


I setup my swarm on the far right, while he mimics with deploying on the far left.  I deploy Dark facing left in the middle, and he deploys backstabber just about opposite.  First turn we both move up to establish our bus formations.  On the second turn, I bank in 3 to line up my whole swarm to focus on where I think backstabber has to move.  However, he saw the danger and hard turns toward the left to get away from my long range shots.  I was however able to get a long range shot with Dark on the front of his formation.  Unfortunately 3 Ties were in range.  In a bit of a facepalm moment, the last shot sneaks a hit through with 2 red dice (no focus/no rerolls) against my 4 green dice.  And here I was thinking I was being sneaky. 


T3 was very decisive.  I bank in 2 and take focus with my formation.  Unfortunately, his formation had to bank around an asteroid, so he ends up having a few Ties bumping.  Shooting is brutal, and he only does a couple hits to two of my Ties.  I return fire with super hot red dice, and end up killing off two Ties (or maybe crippling the second one).  It doesn’t get any better for him on T4.  I move up 2 and get focus with everyone.  He is only able to K-turn with 1 ship, and the rest of his formation bumps.  He doesn’t roll so great, so I don’t think he is able to finish off any of my Ties.  I fire back, and light him up.  I believe I was able to 1-shot Howl, kill off backstabber, and another obsidian.


At this point, Dave is a very good sport, and decides to concede the match his he is outnumbered by over 2 to 1, and is out of position.  I did offer to play it out, but even if he started rolling hot I doubt he could come back from such a huge deficit.  We shake and call it a game.

Match Win!  Onto the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Game 9: (The World Championship Finals!)

Note: The last game is going to be a LONG section, so you may want to take a break and come back and read the whole game later.  You have been warned!


I am informed that the other game was also over, and to get started pretty quick.  I was also informed that I was going to be facing Paul who had won the large Vassel tournament, and was very well known.  Oh and the game was going to be steamed with over 800 people watching live.  No pressure or anything right?


Note: I will be going turn by turn through the recording on Twitch.tv which is here: http://www.twitch.tv/ffglive/b/478500918

Feel free to watch it if you would like, the setup starts at about 3 hrs and 3 min.  I’ll do my best to remember what I was thinking each turn.  I will also try not to ramble too much, there was sooooooo much going on in this game.  Trust me, my brain V6 brain was racing on 7 cylinders for the entire match.  I’ll also try to link the Team Covenant recording when that goes up as well, I am also looking forward to hearing their commentary.



So I start with my standard asteroid placement, with the normal two largest asteroids in my bottom corners (so that once I fly past them on T1, I don’t have to worry about them anymore).  At the end I notice that Paul knows exactly how to place asteroids to completely mess with a swarm (forming the dreaded Bermuda Triangle of smash apart formations).  Thus as I was setting up, I knew I was in trouble off the bat.  If I deploy on the right, he can deploy center left, making my first bank smash into asteroids, so that won’t work.  My only hope is to deploy on the far left and hope he doesn’t go far right.  However, Paul is a great player and goes far right.  I then deploy dark curse center and Howl with the formation. 


So going into T1, I’m thinking I am screwed (don’t let anyone tell you asteroid don’t matter).  If he goes slow, I will be engaging on T3, either in the asteroids, or with a broken formation to avoid flying straight into them on the next turn, both of which will lose me the game pretty quick.  I could also just move up and then K-turn directly back, but I don’t want to get boo’ed off the state for not even trying to fight.  I can’t immediately turn right without having collision city right near my asteroid.  However, I think up one plan that might just work…..



I move up my 5 directly with my formation.  I begin to ‘flounder’ with Dark curse, in essence keeping him in about the same position.  He moves up the formation very intelligently, setting himself up to use adv sensors to the fullest.


Here is my ‘Art of War’ strategy.  I will continue to move up straight on T2, trying to look flustered.  I will then keep darkcurse in the same spot, floundering around in the same spot.   He will be my bait.  I will then hard turn 1, not going very fast with the formation, and on the following turn do a soft 2.  This will put my whole formation flying parallel to the asteroid field, and allowing me shoot at whatever sticks its head out of the asteroids first.  Plus on that line I should be able to K-turn well.  The only problem is he has to turn into the asteroids on T2 or T3.  Thus, enter Dark curse.  I know a lot of Rebels have a big hate for him, so if he has a chance to have all four shots on a lonely Tie, I’m thinking he’ll take the bait.  And so the trap is set, and I begin praying that he doesn’t notice what I’m planning….(although I have a sinking suspicion that he will figure it out pretty quick, I can still hope).



I move up the formation 2 (wishing Ties had a 1 straight).  I start to get excited as I see his BWs  begin to turn into the asteroids.  I move dark another 1 hard and continue the flounder…..I mean barrel rolling.  Thus I know now know that my course is set for the next turn.



I reveal my hand and hard 1 into the middle of the board with the formation.  Thankfully I can see that I won’t have to bank into the asteroids.  I also get a little more excited when he moves up quick, looking for shots on Dark.  However, rolling backwards is able to put me just out of range of his (very well stacked) formation. 



This is where the fun begins.  I do my move: 2 bank left.  This is where you can see the power of the piqsid pointer: you have flexibility with your formation to perform bank maneuvers, avoid any collisions, and have all 5 fighters in R1 of Howl. 


I am pretty happy with the position of my guys, and hope I am far enough back to avoid having to shoot at Biggs.  I get extremely excited when he moves the Rookie hard 3, but am less than thrilled when he pulls off a fantastic move with Biggs.  I then move Dark, and get a perfect position, rolling out of the arc of the Rookie, and sliding forward to only have arc to the front BW (so I don’t have to shoot at Biggs).  I do get a little scared since Howl lands VERY close to the other AP.


Shooting begins.  Both Howl and Dark shoot for the front BW (since I don’t have modifiers for their shots), but roll blanks and focus.  Then disaster strikes.  Biggs takes a pot shot at dark curse, scores 3 unmodified hits, and I roll 3 blanks and a focus.  #$*$&($%*#()(#*$%&% (btw this is the closest I get to actually swearing, but it is fun to mash the symbols on my keyboard).  Now I think I’m probably going to lose, especially having my first 3 rolls go bad (and the first evade roll go horribly bad) and his first roll being awesome.  All I can do is keep going, and hope my luck turns (and quickly).  Thankfully the 2 BWs shoot and only do 1 dmg (through the rock helps).  The Rookie had no targets (even if Dark was still alive, *sniff*).  My first Tie whiffs, and then I notice that barely ALL four of my other Ties have to shoot Biggs.  Well, my trap just went to pot, maybe I can take a bit of dmg on Biggs and finish him next turn.  However, he starts rolling evade dice like me.  1st shot: use focus, 2nd shot: 2 sheilds gone, 3rd shot: 1 hull left.  $*&%(*%*($($, I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED.  I think I just got the advantage in about 10 sec!  Onto next turn, and STAY ON TARGET.



Those last couple shots were huge: I know longer have to worry about shooting Biggs, and I am in the perfect position to have all the Ties get the flank of the Rookie.  I go 2 forward, ignoring the BWs for now (hoping they won’t blow me apart), and turn all 6 Ties on the completely out of position Rookie.  It goes even better since his back BW has to use adv sensors to not go through an asteroid.  Also Howl is out of arc of the XW, so she can just focus and use it for defense.


Shooting starts off good, with Howl doing some damage to the XW.  The BW’s get a little unlucky, and miss on Howl and doing 1 dmg to AP in the middle.  I then fire back with all 5 Ties, and they are barely able to take down the rookie. 


At this point I’m feeling great, I have lost Dark horribly and taking some other dmg, but I have both Biggs and the Rookie dead.  As long as the luck doesn’t go horribly bad in the next turn I think I got this.  However, I know I can’t get too cocky, since BW’s with adv sensors are no joke.



I notice that with my earlier movements, I can 4 K-turn my formation to get some good shots on the BWs.  I make a mistake here however.  I decide to take a small risk, and 4-K Howl instead of 4 straight.  My thinking was this: I get a free shot on a 1 evade BW, hopefully do a damage.  I don’t think he’ll be able to shoot Howl with both BW’s.  Thus there is a small chance I will lose Howl, but it will take both BWs, and take the heat off my R1 Tie that will shoot last.  He does about the expected and we begin the brawl.


In shooting, Howl gets a hit, but he evades with his one roll.  Then (an even bigger) disaster strikes again!  His stressed BW shoots at the front Tie at R1, gets hit/crit, and I roll blanks.  So, as long as I don’t pull direct hit the Tie is ok…..but I pull a Direct Hit.  Dang, that sucks, but not the end of the world.  He then goes for the Hail Marry, to try and take a shot at Howl R2.  He gets 3 hits (using focus).  It’s ok, all I have to do is roll 1 evade to stay alive.  NOPE, 3 blanks and an focus. $&*$#()*&$()(%(%^))$(*)($#)(#$&%&*%)(#*&$&@^^^$$. Oh, and of course determination doesn’t get a chance since he rolled all hits (although I probably would have just pull direct hit instead).  Thus I instantly go from almost having the game in the bag, to actually being slightly behind. Dang it, I then proceed to roll mostly decent, but losing 4 rerolls was pretty huge.  At least I get 4 damage in, but was hoping to do better. 


The game is now almost even!  I have 4 Ties, all stressed, with a couple damage here and there, to 2 BWs in good position, with one at 1? shield left. 



Ok, just stay calm, just think.  At this point I need to clear my stress, and focus the hurt BW down.  This means I’ll have to do bumper cars, and hope he doesn’t kill two Ties before I can shoot.  I do my maneuvers.  I do make a small screw-up, and forget the order I have to move the Ties.  If I moved the back Ties first, I could have gotten 2 Ties with focus, but it may have screwed up the angles so who knows.  Anyway, I pile up my ties on the front BW, and his BWs just crash into me.


Shooting: The back BW shoots, but I get triple evades (heh, now I get em when he only has 1 crit).  The hurt BW does much better, gets 4 hits to no evades.  Down to 3 Ties.  First Tie shoots, gets 3 hits to 1 evade, BW goes down to 2 Hull left.  The Tie with focus fires, also gets 3 hits (with focus), and kills off the BW.  The last Tie gets hit+crit on the back BW, but gets a dodge so he takes a shield. 


So that turn went better, trading a AP for 4 hull to kill a BW and an extra shield.  I start thinking that I can pull this off.  However, he still has a great position for an adv sensor BW, so it’s not over.



During plotting, I make another big mistake.  I think I can K-turn two of my Ties, and keep the pressure on (since he can only shoot 1 Tie a turn).  However, when I examine the distance, its looks like I can 4 K-turn JUST behind the BW.  If I can pull that off I should be in great shape.  Even if I miss, I can still get shots on the BW.  I decide to take the risk and go for it.


The first 3 K-Turn makes it (perfect position).  I mess up a bit, and 3 bank the second Tie (wanted to K-turn but with the angle I didn’t think I could make it.  Then, I miss the last K-turn by a few MM.  Dang it!!!  I don’t have good position now, but at least I can take some heat off my #5 who has dmg.  ……As long as I don’t get 1 shot.  He does focus K-turn with focus to get right behind the failure Tie. 


In shooting the BW rolls 3 hits+ 1 crit (with focus), and I get all blanks.  Dang it.  Oh well, that Tie deserves to die anyway, and he was the most out of position one as well.  I fire back and get a single hit through.  Oh man, I can still pull this off, but it’s going to be VERY hard.



Ok, at this point I don’t want take chances with my movements after missing the K-turn.  Thus my basic tactic at this point to have the last two Ties take different vectors, play hit and run, and just try and survive while plinking away at the BW’s 1 evade.  I also don’t have much practice against adv sensors, so I’ll plan to K-turn behind him, so he can’t get out of the arc.  That and hope my green dice roll well as long range for long enough.


In movement, I thankfully get some good movements, evade with both ships, and force a bad shot from the BW onto the hurt #5.  Thankfully he doesn’t roll great and the Tie is fine with his evade token.



I K-turn with both ships to cover any position he will move into.  Again I can take the risk and try to 1 hard turn and barrel roll into the BW, but if he adv sensors and moves 1, I think he would get a R1 shot, which is almost certain death.  He moves up 3 to try and chase down my wounded #5.


He rolls only a crit and I roll 1 dodge (that was close).  #4 rolls an gets hit+crit for no dodges, but the other #5 Tie rolls blanks.  So that went well for me, but I have to be very careful still.



At this point my brain is really racing.  I see a couple options, to try and hard turn out of the arc, run straight at him, or try and link up with the other Tie.  I decide to try and run with #5. 


In movement, he gives me a surpise and does a 2 K-turn.  I think this was the right move, since it insures a shot.  However, #4 is pretty good (with focus).  He gets a crit, and I get 3 blanks.  I get the “reduce agility by 1” crit.  It as is a 3/8 chance to fix it, so I know I should even try since the game is so close.  I can then shoot back, and score hit+crit (using focus), but he evades 1, so I take his last shield.

I see a small opening……



I do the obvious thing with 5 and 3 K-turn to get shot.  I then do a 4 forward with #4.  This puts me touching his BW at a slight angle.  I thought he was probably going to 1 bank, but it worked: he went 1 forward, crashed, and has no shot nor action.


I have the only shot at R2, and get a hit.  But he rolls a dodge.  Curses



Ok, I’m still doing ok.  Time to just keep up the pressure, and hope the dice go my way.  I 4 K-turn with the low evade Tie, to get him at long range.  I bank in the other Tie, and focus (hoping the 2 K-turn has him just outside the BW’s firing arc.  Alas, he is just in the arc, and is able to focus.


Shooting.  So he decides to shoot at my R1 Tie.  Well, I don’t think I’ll get destroyed, but still holding my breath.  He shoots: 1 hit +1 crit.  Ok, I got this with focus.  But I only roll 1 evade.  Its ok, a lot of the crit cards are fine, just don’t be a direct hit.  I pull the card.  I start to sigh, since I don’t see direct hit…………but it instantly turns to shock as it is the one other card that is completely brutal in this situation: BLINDED PILOT.    #^$%*$(@(#&^$&.   I auto miss my perfect R1 focus shot on the no shield BW.  I then fire with my long range Tie.  Hit+hit (well, I’ll take that!).  He rolls, dodge+dodge (DANG IT).  This can’t be happening!  Man this game is so stressful, but at the same time super exciting.



At this point, I start to get rattled.  Instead of getting distracted from the game and looking back, my brain kicks it into overdrive and starts thinking of every crazy movement pattern I can think of.  I start turning over idea after idea after idea.  I think I do the right move by instinct, but then completely over-think the situation.  I decide to 4 K-turn the 1 hull Tie right behind the BW.  I then go 3 forward with my #4 Tie.  I then pull a big mistake.


I start thinking.  I look at the distance, and it looks JUST under distance 2.  That means if he goes distance 1, he may land with a sliver of distance between us, essentially screwing over a 2 evade Tie  with a 4 dice focus attack.  I also think that he would anticipate the distance 3 move, and just 1 bank, clear the Tie, and roll forward to get out of both arcs.  During this, I also see the stress, for some reason it registers as the stress from my other Tie, and start thinking he can barrel roll but not K-turn.  So the only thing that makes it out of my brain is to put as much distance as possible so that I am doing a R3 shot next turn.  So I roll forward-left.  As soon as I pick up the Tie I release it was a mistake, but it was too late to put it back down.


Of course, he only went 1 forward, and our ships barely pass without a shot.  However, he has enough room to barrel roll forward-left, and just gets out of the arc of the other #5 Tie.  UG.  Stupid stupid stupid.  Oh well, have to just keep going and try to keep it together.



So, time to go back to the original plan.  I do a 3 K-turn with #4 (keep him away and roll more green then red), and do a green 3 straight with #5, evade, and pray.  He does the standard K-turn focus.  He decides to go for the long range shot on #4 who has 2 hull and 2 evade.  He gets Crit+hit, and I get 1 dodge.  Thankfully I pull a damaged engine crit (that was too close).  I have a shot back at him.  ……But I roll two blanks.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



So I continue with the plan, alternating with #5 doing a 3 K-turn, and #4 doing a green soft 2 with evade.  He does a bank 1 with focus, and gets in range for a R1 shot on the weakest Tie.  I’m holding my breath…..he only gets two hits…….and I roll two evades.  YES, I’m alive!  Time for payback.  I roll my range 1 shot….only 1 hit (Dang).  He rolls…. 1 dodge (DOUBLE DANG IT).   It’s ok, I still have a R2 shot from my other Tie.  I roll…..no hits ($&%$*%(*#(#)%&$%*).  We keep going!



Well, my next move is pretty normal, I’m trying not to think too hard or else I’ll probably just go straight into an asteroid or something.  I do the K-turn on #4 and 2 forward on the other.  I really wanted to roll right, but it didn’t look like there was room.  Plus if he went straight 1, adv sensor rolled back, he could probably just shoot me at range 1.  Or he could adv sensors roll back right, then bank 1 left and blow me to kingdom come.  Instead I decide to take the risk on the front arc, and roll away and back to get out of arc.  Unfortunately, the worst angle happens.  He K-turns, can see my guy, and I’m JUST barely out of arc to shoot back at him.  DANG IT, I’m messing up more and more angles now.  He shoots at my #4 at just within R2.  Hit, hit crit, and #4 is auto dead.   #$*&$#((#&$%. 



Well, I’m down to 1 Tie with 1 hull, and he still has 3 hull on his ship.  This is going to be extremely hard to pull out.  I go with something kinda off a whim.  I bank 2 and get near him.  He then banks 1 into me, and gets no action.  This just opened up a small opportunity for me.



So, I go for the 4 K-turn and pray.  HOWEVER, my block really screwed up his angle.  He can’t hard turn and see me, so he has to K-turn.  However, he decides to try and go for the focus shot.  He misses the angle.  I breathe a sigh of relief.  Well, I do have a R3 shot on him, but he has focus.  I roll a single Crit *shrug*.  He rolls, and gets 2 blanks!  He pulls the card….and it’s a direct hit!    WOW, I’m suddenly back  in the game again, and have a chance to pull out the win!



Ok, I start to get excited again.  We are both down to 1 Hull, and if I can roll above average green dice, I think I can do it.  Again, I think my brain short circuits again, and I don’t notice his stress token and don’t trust my distance siting.  I think he can do a 1 bank, and land just short of me, ensuring my death.  Plus I need to get distance on him to make sure I have a range 3 shot next turn (if it’s a R2 shot, I’m in big trouble).  Going back and looking at it I’m pretty sure he would have clipped me, but I just couldn’t trust it.  It all comes down to the next turn…..



I am pure out of moves, the only thing left to do is 4 K-turn, and pray my 4 green does work (or he doesn’t roll well).  We both do our K-turns, and have our faceoff.


He gets to shoot first, with focus/TL at R3 (3 red to 4 green).  He rolls…………… 2 hits and 1 focus.  He goes for the sure thing and spends the focus for 3 hits. 


Ok, I have to roll 3 evades on 4 dice, or it’s over.  I pick em up and roll them (kinda everywhere).  We look on anxiously……..2 focus and 2 evades.  I am tabled!




Wow, that was an amazing game!  Paul is a fantastic opponent, and completely deserves the win.  When you are playing in the World Championship match, you really can’t afford a few screw-ups.  I don’t think he did really (not that I could tell anyway).  I could make a comment about the luck, but we both some really bad luck and really good luck, and it is a dice game.  All you can do is maximizing your chances as best as possible, and let the dice land as they may. 


I am really glad I decided to make it out to Worlds.  I met a ton of great people, and absolutely had a fun time playing.  I do like losing a very close match, then winning by a landslide, so that is how I would like the championship to go down.  Plus I got a lot of loot anyway, so I’m happy J


If you made it this far, thanks for reading (and putting up with bad spelling and grammer), it means a lot to me. 


PS: I may have to look into Vassal ;)

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Fun to read and fun to watch online.... you were both massively unlucky at times but over the game the dice really left you on the two big moments (evades on DC and Howly) these are game defining moments. Any other day and you would roll 2 evades and live.

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congrats on ur top2 finish Texx. thanks for such a thorough report. for only 6months experience ur a top player (i watched the full video of the finals game). I think you were very unlucky with some of your rolls in the final. Its the curse of this game that dice rolls impact so much on the outcome. Thanks for the insights about your strategy/tactics during the matches.

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This is a great write-up. It is really interesting to find out what you were thinking and going through during your final match. I can say I was there and watched it live, and having this summary really makes the experience better. You are a good player, and in the end the dice were not in your favor. I think that Paul is a good player who makes few mistakes, and your match just came down to the dice. Congrats on your success.




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Thanks all for your replies!  It was a bit of a downer getting 4 of my Tie's one-shot throughout the game.  However, I had opportunities to pull it off, but to no avail.  It was probably the most fun I have had with this game to date.


Let me see if I can get a pic of the templates and other lootz....


Ok, here is the what I got from the competition:




I also was suprised I got a plaque for 2nd place:




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nice write up and congrats on progressing so far in the tourney. some really good flying on both sides. 


i did however notice 1 or 2 things after watching the video. seems like you did not draw damage cards when your ships were completely destroyed(when DC and HR both died you drew no cards from your damage deck) and drew an extra card when you suffered a crit hit on 1 of the APs.


i was pretty certain that you drew damage cards even if your ship was completely destroyed. and that you did not need to draw an extra card if you suffered the 2 damage direct hit because that card remains face up and is bolded to show you that you took the damage.


the crit could have been a different result on HR if you had drawn the cards for when DC died. and might have affected the rest of the crit cards drawn later in the game as well.

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Hm, I'll have to go back and look.  Unfortunately, when I started playing all the guys I play with don't draw cards for a ship that is finished off.  I was trying to break my habit at World's, so that could make sense if I missed some.  I think your probably right about the direct hit card, again I think that's something I'm used to doing differently.  I'll have to break the habbit :P

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nice write up and congrats on progressing so far in the tourney. some really good flying on both sides. 


i did however notice 1 or 2 things after watching the video. seems like you did not draw damage cards when your ships were completely destroyed(when DC and HR both died you drew no cards from your damage deck) and drew an extra card when you suffered a crit hit on 1 of the APs.


i was pretty certain that you drew damage cards even if your ship was completely destroyed. and that you did not need to draw an extra card if you suffered the 2 damage direct hit because that card remains face up and is bolded to show you that you took the damage.


the crit could have been a different result on HR if you had drawn the cards for when DC died. and might have affected the rest of the crit cards drawn later in the game as well.


I can't really see how this matters unless the cards are supposed to be in a certain order. They are randomly shuffled, so you never know which card will come out and how it will affect the game.


Hm, I'll have to go back and look.  Unfortunately, when I started playing all the guys I play with don't draw cards for a ship that is finished off.  I was trying to break my habit at World's, so that could make sense if I missed some.  I think your probably right about the direct hit card, again I think that's something I'm used to doing differently.  I'll have to break the habbit :P



Great writeup, dude. Our match in the top 8 was the best game I played all weekend. I hope I get a shot at a rematch next year!



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Hm, I'll have to go back and look.  Unfortunately, when I started playing all the guys I play with don't draw cards for a ship that is finished off.  I was trying to break my habit at World's, so that could make sense if I missed some.  I think your probably right about the direct hit card, again I think that's something I'm used to doing differently.  I'll have to break the habbit :P

FWIW, it really doesnt matter.  Random is random either way,  It is just as possible that had you taken the dmg cards you would have had the same results.  So no use in sweating it.

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I believe that is the name of the Tie fighter column formation.  Piqsid put a ton of thought into his analysis.  Probably the best formation flying document I have read.  I've read through it a few times, very powerful stuff.  Although the analysis is primarily just Wave 1 stuff, the size of the bases haven't changed much so the formation still holds true into wave 3.  Download the movement analysis pdf here: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/87723/movement


Another thing is I'm pretty happy I had 5 acadamies for the formation.  Otherwise I would not have been able to make the partial about-face early in the game.  If my lowest AP was a BS, My formation may have begun crashing into each other during the first engagement turn.  I would not have been able to kill biggs, and the game probably would have been over.  Being able to chose which of 5 fighters moves in what order is very helpful.

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Yep, I look forward to playing you again.  Hopefully it doesn't come down to the last dice roll again, these games are getting too stressful!




Nope, Determination never came up (either Howl really didn't get shot at, or went down to all hits, although I think I got 1 or 2 crits on her over the weekend, but pilot never came up).  I think it helped some as a deterrent, but if I was to do it over I either would have gone with adrenaline (to keep the same points value) or just go with PTL (and deal the initiative issue versus other swarms, but is overall more flexible).

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Hey guys, does anyone know what case Paul uses? At the end there, I saw him pack all of his gear into a small case but I didnt see any branding. Im looking for a good smaller case to carry my lists. Thanks. Might be slightly off topic.. 

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Haha, that was my CCG case that I repurposed for X-Wing, since I didn't want to drag a giant Plano thing on the plane.  It's just one of those UltraPro cases that you can get for 20-30 bucks or so, has a few big square foamy sections meant for CCG deckboxes.  You can fit four rebel ships in one of the sections with their dials, and have a plastic bag in another section with all your tokens, and shove all your movement templates in the back.


An example of one: http://www.amazon.com/Ultra-Large-Portable-Gaming-Insert/dp/B00BL7D8FK/ref=pd_sbs_sg_1



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