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The Gas

BotF Jedi and Sith pods spoiled

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Not really.  The Agent's ability will be almost impossible to trigger in 1v1 (I could be wrong, but I think the included event "Join Me" is the only way so far), and Force Pack Mara is a clear step up from this Mara.  The objective is dead weight without common reserves, but of course that's true of the Jedi version too. Join Me will be just as good in standard as multi (can't wait to steal some Jedi Grannies), but with just one copy you won't be able to count on it. And of course Supporting Fire is still good in standard.


The Jedi pod OTOH gets a really nice two-of unit and a very good enhancement on both of whose usefulness the format being played has no bearing, and a new Obi-Want that's arguably better than the Core version even in 1v1 (except of course for the limit-one problem).

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