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Jedi/Smugglers Control Combo Deck

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With the preview of the Knowledge and Defense Force Pack I began building a new deck around the new Smugglers & Spies pod. In doing so I think I may have stumbled upon a solid deck using only cards that have already been released...

Questionable Contacts x2

A Hero's Journey x2

Last Minute Rescue x2

Embers of Hope x2

The Secret of Yavin 4 x2

The basic idea of the deck is to get the most out of the objectives Embers of Hope and Questionable Contacts. I know it is a questionable strategy to rely on your objectives themselves to win, but in the quick game I ran against my best Sith/Scum deck I never saw either one of those and it was a very close game. The Dark Side won but I was able to recur and heal Luke an absurd number of times. The low amount of resources is mitigated by the stall-ish nature of the deck. Ideally you want Redemption out as fast as possible. I'll report back with more playesting findings

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