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Gold digger quest

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Well, we played last night the GD quest from LoW as the first chapter of a mini-campaign.

2 Heroes party, both mage (necromancer + geomancer), fire imps and cave spiders as open groups, Valyndra's shadow and its lethal fire breath over the heads of the poor miners, and so on...


My feeling was good: great game (very close, with OL's victory by fire imps escape with the treasure from the entrance), 1,5 hours of running time (more or less) and so much fun.

The OL won just 'cause the two mages were stuck by the stones on their way from one side and 3 cave spiders on the other side, while the vicious imps ran away with the digger's loot the have found.

The great mistake(for the party)  was to choose two "weak" mages: they have not removed the stones, failing many times their skill tests, and were immobilized by master spider's web, while the others little bastards minions were biting them all the time!

A warrior would surely have easily remove those boulders on his way...


BTW, what's your experience with this nice adventure from LoW?

How many OL's victories? And how many triumphs of the party?

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