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Need a Tip for a Lanni deck

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I browsed through the first few pages but I couldnt find an answer to my question, so I'm starting this thread.


Currently I'm playing a Lanni HyperKneel deck - THIS is my current deck build.

It works nicely against most of the decs I've come across, but I have a particularly hard game against Stark decks and  their wretched Bear Island location. I was thinking about using Devious Intentions but that would save only 1-3 characters and I'm never certain I would draw it.


So my question is this: is there another way to counter Bear Island? Apart from filling my deck with attachments, of course. Like some kneel-to-kneel-location effect or something like that.


One other thing - we currently have a limit of Expansions to use to build our decks - only first 3 (King's Landing), soon 4th available as well (Defenders of the North). So any suggestions?


And ignoring the expansions limit - what other options do I have.


Thank you for your reply.

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Lannisport Honor Guard would work for a turn if you play it at the end of the challenges phase.


Other than that I think you're out of luck as most cards that can deal with Bear Island arn't in the packs you have.  Otherwise;


The other option would be to use Nightmares to blank it at the start of dominace.


Then if you run heavy shadow you can always use Alchemist's Guild Hall to kneel Bear Island.


There's the plot Attack from the Sea that kneels all locations.  If you have enough City Plots you can use A City Besieged to force your opponent to discard Bear Island, Favorable Ground forces all players to discard all non-limited locations from play for 3 influence.


If you have enough gold Chella, Daughter of Cheyk returns locations to player's hands after succesful challenges in which a clansman participated in.

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