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Saturday Game Day Scenario Play: Container Race

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My group has played many a simple dogfight scenario and we decided to mix it up a bit by creating our own scenario.


Container Race:


In this scenario place a container center and range 2 to the edge of each players side on a 6 x 3 table.


Surround each container with the 3 small asteroids, two lined up in front and one in behind, no more than 1/4 inch away from the container.




Each side creates a 50 point support group squad and a 50 point assault squad. 


The support squad sets up directly behind their own squads container area (the safe zone). They win the scenario if they can land on the opposing sides container (thus acquiring it) and bringing it back to a safe zone (behind their sides container area).


The assault squad wins if they can eliminate all the opposing ships.


The only other special rules are for the creation of the support group. The Empire support group must fly an Omicron Group Pilot with an engine upgrade. The Rebel side must fly an Outer Rim Smuggler. The rest of the squad can be created as per normal squad building rules. No large ship may be used aside from the one in the respective support group.


This version works well for a 4 player game. If you get 6 players you can create a defensive squad for 50 points that cannot go beyond half table (or it is just like they flew off the edge of the table) unless all of the assault squad has been eliminated.


Extra points left over during squad building can be passed over to another squad.


I have played this scenario twice with two teams of 2 and each game was a challenge to play.


1st game Empire blew up the ORS before it could pick up the container.


2nd game Empire raced back with the container but landed on proximity mine in the end zone and blew themselves up. Rebels win.

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