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Seattle Area LCG Players

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Hello Shufflers!


I live in the North Seattle Area and am interested in meeting other players of the great FFG LCGs.  I have Invasion, Netrunner, and am interested in Cthulhu and Star Wars, but I'll play anything.  I'm a Dad, PTA member, blah, blah, grown up stuff.  Point being I don't have much opportunity for organized play at game stores, but if there's others in the area who would like to meet up that would be great.  I've started a Yahoo group which I'll link to.  Its just getting started so don't be shy about joining,  Hope to meet you and play whatever LCG you're into!


Night of the Living Card Game - Seattle



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I have gotten preapproved clearance (my wife is the best) to play Netrunner this Tuesday (Nov. 19th) at Raygun Lounge in Seattle's Capitol Hill area.  The running starts at 630.  If anyone was interested in coming it would be cool to meet you, whoever you are.  I will be the bald, very handsome man in the black hoodie.  I'll post the link below.  Hope to see you!



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