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Regis Eisen

Koronus Expanse to Koronus Sector

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Ok people we had a session on Friday and as always happens the players have managed to divert the campaign a little off of the intended path;


We now have a traitor in the midst of the group, and the group have no idea. Its no even a traditional traitor, as the person in question believes they are the only one left in the group actually working for the inquisition and that the rest of the cell are a bunch of heretics and traitors. This is what happens when a puritan acolyte ends up in a group of radicals


They finally got back to the tricorn palace with the Pharos artifact, only to promptly hand it over to reliqury 26 and have them lock it down as being to dangerous to have out of a locked statis vault.


They now have to choose between a secret mission given to one of them by the Ordo Chronos or a mission given by the Lord High Inquisitor as they are in opposite directions.


So needless to say the plan to run the crusade into the Koronus Expanse is slightly on hold now.


Which makes one of the characters being found out to be a Knight-Commander (I do love the mind-cleansed background) a bit of over kill (I was going to use it as a way of keeping the cell involved in the crusade.


I'll keep you guys up-to-date as the madness continues.





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