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The Hunter

My Anniversary Gaming sesh

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All expansions will be used.

I've now got the board set up and the relevant decks will be shuffled tomorrow.

There will be two players: myself (Seb) and my friend (Charles).

The Dragon Tower alternative rule will be used (when landing on the Crown of Command, the player automatically goes to the Plain of Peril on the Dragon Tower).

A house rule has been added.

Each of us (as players, not characters) will need to do the following tasks before taking on the Inner Region:

Take on the Eagle King in the Highland

Take on the Lord of Darkness in the Dungeon

Visit the City (the expansion)

Complete a Warlock Quest (the cards)

We will be starting after 10am (UK time) and I'll be posting updates throughout the day.

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Added two new house rules:

We each get six character cards for more variety and choose one.

A boss alternate endong as a mini-boss on the inner region Crown of Command which is the Demon Lord.

Grilipus is the starting Dragon King.

I begin as the Fire Wizard and Charles is the Swashbuckler.

And so it begins...

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Oh dear!

The Gypsy has been killed by a Clockwork Dragon!

I am now the Minotaur.

Also the Swashbuckler has completed a Warlock quest.

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Finally turned on my PC and just discovered that I can upload my pics from there, unlike my iphone.


Apologies for the delay but here are the pics!


This was taken when we started around 10.30am UK time:




And some 6 1/2 hours real time later:



There weren't many cards on the board because the Fire Storm card was drawn and Varthrax was the king thus all cards in every region had to be discarded.

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