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Player elimination

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I have a question about timing of elimination. When does it really occur ?


What I know : if I have no more units on the board, no more rubium and no card in hand, I'm eliminated immediately.

--> But losing a battle implies I will get an Energiez card, so with alternate units I can aford a Clone.


I give you an example (playing with regular units) : I have no rubium and 1 card in hand. After being attacked, I have no more units on the board. As I lost the battle, I draw an Energize card after the battle, so I have 2 cards in hand.
I'm not eliminated for now because I can afford at least one Human unit, but I have to exchange my 2 cards to get 2 rubium during my next turn in order to buy one Human unit.


- Am I forced to do this exchange or can I continue the game without any units on the board as I have enough rubium to pay for ?

- If I play one of my cards before my turn, I won't be able to purchase anything when I would have to. Am I eliminated immediately after playing my card or during my next turn ?

- If I had only one card after battle, I wouldn't be able to buy anything, so I assume I'm eliminated immediately ?

There no statement in the rules that says each player has to have at least one unit on the board and thus has to pay for at least one unit if he can aford it (or be eliminated).



How do you play this ? It matters when playing 3 or 4 players as the next player may get some points he wouldn't receive if game stops earlier.



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