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Worthy Allies and Adversaries

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I didn't see another thread like this (I probably missed it), but I'm beginning to plan for a new campaign and wanted to drop some of the more interesting characters I'd been working on here for others to use if they were interested.  Anyone is free to post, but I'll probably be dropping a lot of the text myself to start with:


Sebastian the Gold: Explorator

(equivalent of a Rank 4 PC)



Sebastian Exploring the Mountains of Dreshnia


Overview: Sebastian is taciturn to the point of being mute, and he acts first then asks for permission later.  He rarely outright lies, preferring to let his opponent draw their own (wrong) conclusions.  While he will converse with others of technical mind, Sebastian prefers to let others do his initial negotiating and carousing.




Few Explorators make their mark in the Expanse under their own flag. Fewer still leave such a lasting impression while maintaining so many secrets.


Sebastian the Gold managed both.


His story began in earnest in 229 M41 when he left his work in the Caine Dynasty under hostile circumstances. This moment cemented his mistrust of Rogue Traders in general, but left a lasting impression of their power and vision. Those two polar views colored his work in the Expanse for the next two centuries.


What is known is that in 230 M41, Sebastian rose to command the One Eyed Cog, an Explorator ship of the Deimos class. Most notable aside from the Cog’s ancient drive cores and her fearsome plasma batteries was the Nova cannon mounted into the grin of her prow skull armor. While originally named after the Omnissaih, an encounter with Orks four centuries earlier left one side of the ship’s skull melted and deformed. Enginseers took this as a sign during the repair process, and left the damage visibly intact to better fill its namesake.


The One Eyed Cog was based over a burgeoning Forge Annex Khasis in the Expanse North and East of the God Emperor’s Scourge. Sebastian began using this as his base of operations as well, bringing back the lore and archeotech he uncovered in the Expanse to assist in turning the Annex into a true Forge World.


Over the course of the next decade, he built up a small but potent fleet of Mechanicus and Imperial ships centered around the Cog and the twin Sword-class frigates Hunter and Huntress. He used this fleet to search for more blessed archeotech to return to Khasis. While he discovered many treasures and works by highly skilled adepts during this period, his most potent discovery was of an STC fragment for compact plasma reaction chambers.


Though alone the fragment was unusable, it set in motion events that would bring his name in front of the Fabricator Marshals of the Calixis Sector.


He started in the Cult Mechanicus as an acolyte in a branch of the Calixian Mechanicus willing to do whatever it took to uncover new secrets to fight the Imperium’s enemies. They were zealots who explored the deepest and darkest recesses of ancient data vaults and sealed chambers in forgotten corners of Forge Worlds across the Calixis Sector. It was here that he first saw the power hidden in the past, and the difficulty in turning that power into practical objects that could be built on manufactorum lines under rigidly conservative Magii.


After crossing a powerful Fabricator Marshall who did not like seeing his production lines disrupted by new technologies, Sebastian’s organization was torn apart and either branded Hereteks or sent out into Explorator fleets where they would be far away from the daily production of the Calixis Sector.


Sebastian was one of the many attached to Mechanicus fleets fighting in the harshest conflicts, in the hopes that they would just be killed. It was in this fight, against Chaos heretics, that he was placed on Tobias Caine’s ship. As a branded Explorator, Sebastian was secretly delighted when the war ended and Caine’s misfortunes directed his ship out into the Koronus Expanse as a Rogue Trader vessel.


He felt at home until Caine betrayed him in 229 M41.


During the time period between 230 and 245 M41, Sebastian the Gold left the Rogue Trader controlled areas of the Expanse behind and made his name as a powerful Explorator willing to go to the edge of the charted void. After taking control of the One Eyed Cog in 236, He slowly found that he had access to resources, contacts, and information that made him a powerful friend and deadly enemy.


Rogue Traders who crossed him during this period came away either impressed or cowed. Sebastian helped those Imperial loyalists who were willing to work alongside him, but had developed a keen eye for Rogue Traders who planned to cross him in order to fill their own coffers or stoke their own egos.



Sebastian the Gold


Sebastian will always be found with a detail of at least 30 Skitarii soldiers and three Skitarii Tribunes. In any large dig, excavation, exploration, or surface expedition, he will be personally accompanied by hundreds of multi-task servitors, dozens of Rhinos, platoons of Skitarii Guards, and gun servitors.


The One Eyed Cog also carries more than a hundred thousand Skitarii guards, along with vehicles, officers, and supplies in case the expedition turns into a combat theater.


Sebastian is not afraid to use overwhelming force against a threat.


WS:37 BS:42 S:39 T:40 Ag:38 Int:57 Per:45 WP:42 Fel:37


Talents and Traits: Technical Knock, Stranger to the Cult, Sleight of Hand, Blessed Scars, Pistol Training, Basic Weapon Training, Melee Weapon Training, Hatred (Orks), Peer (Mechanicus), Mechadendrite Use, Mechanicus Implants, Logis Implant, Binary Chatter, Maglev Grace, The Flesh is Weak I


Skills: Awareness, Common Lore (Tech)+10, Common Lore (Machine Cult, Legend, Expanse), Drive (Ground Vehicle), Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Mechanicus) +20, Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Literacy, Logic, Navigation, Trade (Explorator, Technomat, Armorer), Security, Language (Explorator Binary, Low Gothic, Techna Lingua), Tech Use +20


Gear: Best Quality Bionic Arm (right arm), Multi-Key, Sacred Unguents, Servo Skull Familiar (Bolt Pistol attachment, Right side is modified into a Mechanicus Cog), Artificar Armor (Red, black, and gold, with images venerating the Cult Mechanicus forged into its plating)


Weapons: Best Craftsmanship Boltgun (customized with a gold frieze depicting the Omnissiah working at a Forge, creating a new world), with Hellfire Rounds, Kraken Rounds, and one clip of Dragonfire Rounds


Omnissiah’s Axe: The hilt of this weapon is sculpted to be a twisting timeline showing the allegory of the Adeptus Mechanicus defeating the Fallen Mechanicus


The One Eyed Cog:  A mighty warship and proud flag bearer of the Cult Mechanicus.  Anyone who looks at the Cog knows that they are dealing with a personal envoy of the Omnissiah.

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Sebastian’s Skitarii

Unlike some of the more conservative Forge Worlds in the Calixis Sector, the Annex at Khasis allows their Skitarii some amount of free will and creativity in combat. The Tribunes are trained to use their force where it is most applicable to stand up to the varied and dangerous threats in the unknown parts of the Expanse.

The Skitarii forces aboard the One Eyed Cog have scoured the surface of hundreds of worlds now, searching through ancient crypts, void-frozen space hulks, and local populaces unwilling to embrace the Omnissiah. They are well trained and equal to almost any elite mercenary unit.

Defeating Sebastian’s Skitarii in a straight up fight should be difficult without brilliant tactical insights, correct strategic posturing, or massively overwhelming force. Alternatively, the Explorers will find that being truthful with Sebastian and working with him will allow them to have this potent force on their side.

Sebastian respects cunning, well played political strategy, and willingness to share in Archeotech caches.

Sebastian’s Skitarii wield melta weapons regularly in addition to typical las-weapons.

The One Eyed Cog

The One Eyed Cog as Depicted in the Murals on Mars, a Diemos-Class Explorator Cruiser.

An Explorator Vessel in the truest sense, the Cog was built using the finest Mechanicus traditions and with every detail cared for. She was built around an ancient drive system pulled from a Space Hulk drifting near the Hydraphur system, and the rest of her systems were carefully crafted to match the beauty of that ancient technology.

She was sent into the Koronus Expanse two centuries ago after the opening of the Maw to assess possible locations for new Forges. After nearly a century of exploration and discovery, uncovering lost relics and archeotech for the Mechanicus in the Calixis Sector, she finally stumbled across Khasis.

It took a half century more to obtain a warrant for the construction of a Forge Annex there, and several decades more to bring in the equipment, defenses, and personnel required to start such a lofty venture, but the deliberate planning was well rewarded. Under the Omnissiah’s gaze, Khasis developed quickly and by 230 M41 was a burgeoning forge of more than a billion Mechanicus adepts.

While Sebastian is technically Captain and Chief Adept aboard the Cog, he is often off the ship searching for his latest prize or watching over a new Manufactorum line building replicas of the technology he has found. When Sebastian is off the ship, his second in command and Ship Master is Magos Argent. Argent is a blunt Adept, as fits a ship whose primary weapon is a Nova Cannon, and is willing to use the power and strength of his ship to bludgeon opponents. Only when he sees the Cog as out-gunned will he order a strategic withdrawl, since his primary purpose is to protect the ancient technology beating at the heart of the vessel,

The One Eyed Cog is still the primary guardian of Khasis, helped by huge orbiting fortresses built using the abundant asteroids to be found in the system.

Reliquary of Mars, Adventurous

Armor: 20 (24) Hull: 70
Space: 75 SP: 83
Morale: 150

Primary Components: Compact and Potent Archeotech Plasma Drive, Armored Bridge, Multiple Shield Array, Warp Drive, Gellar Field, Vitae-pattern Life Sustainer, Void-Mechanicus Quarters, Deep Void Augur Array

Weapons: Hecutor-Pattern Plasma Battery, Titanforge Lance Battery, Mars-Pattern Nova Cannon, Landing Docks, Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, Manufactorum, Barracks, Grand Librarium Vault, Omnissiah’s Forge-Shrine, Murder Servitors, Luxury Quarters and Workshops, Armored Prow

Special Components:

Landing Docks: Serves as the primary launch bays and repair facilities for the array of landing craft, assault craft, and aeronautica that the One Eyed Cog carries for planetary missions. This bay is armored and sealed during combat, as none of the craft inside are fitted for void duty. Once around a planet, the docks can launch up to 4 Heavy Drop Ships (1000 soldiers, or 50 vehicles per trip), an array of smaller lighters and pinnace ships for more important guests, an array of assault barges (25 skitarii soldiers per trip), or the 50 Thunderbolt fighters it keeps aboard.

Grand Librarium Vault: Far larger than most librarium vaults aboard a void ship, the Grand Vault serves to hold the vast amount of information and relic tomes collected during the Cog’s journeys. Inside is a small army of specialized Magos and assistant adepts who pour over the various works and relics. Older texts are kept in specialized stasis vaults and private reading rooms for the teams dedicated to their study.
+20 to investigation skills while onboard or connected

If it is made known that this Vault was destroyed out of malice, the Iconoclast gains the immediate (Enemy) trait with anyone who would be angry at the destruction of the One Eyed Cog’s history.

Omnissiah’s Forge-Shrine: Identical to the Shrine to the God Emperor, except that it is instead dedicated to the glory of the Machine Cult.

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Forgot: Sebastian has the trait Touched by the Fates, giving him 2 fate points per game session


Plot Hooks:

- Your expedition requires additional ships and soldiers to discover a hidden tomb or cache of technology in the Expanse.  As long as you allow Sebastian to examine what you find, and take home a few choice items of Archeotech, he will support your expedition with the resources at his disposal.

- Your expedition used Sebastian's skills and soldiers to exploit a resource, but through incompetence or malice you left his ship and crew in tatters.  Sebastian has the strength of a Forge Annex at his back, and he will get revenge.

-  A piece of lore or technology has fallen into your hands that requires identification or cross-reference.  If you are able to locate Sebastian and the One Eyed Cog, and are able to offer him some form of payment, he might assist in your investigation.

- You and your crew have been branded Heretek by the Adeptus Mechanicus in the Expanse.  Sebastian does not care if the rumors are true or not, only that you have valuable secrets.  He will hunt you down and attempt to destroy you.




Now, a less serious character:


Ike: Smuggler


Overview: Loud, boisterous, and the center of attention when he's drinking (which he usually is), Ike only puts on his serious face when the mission calls for it.  Even then, if someone is looking then he'll crack a joke or two at their expense.  His method of negotiation is to ask for absurd numbers, then talk quickly until his mark accepts a number he can live with.  The dock operators don't suspect him because he spends time with them and brings them muffins after big ships roll through.


Ike is a low-grade smuggler, a brigand, and has managed to completely evade the local law enforcement branches on Damaris. The Arbites precinct knows that smuggling is rife between the surface and high anchor above Damaris, but have little ability to enforce the law given the number of ships and Rogue Traders who operate there.


Of all the smugglers, Ike stands out because he has a knack for getting out of tight situations, and always getting the job done.


His prize baby is his modified Arvus Lighter. It is very similar to a standard Arvus produced in any of the major Forges of the Calixis Sector (this one bears the imprints of the Lathes, but even Ike is coy about whether it originated there). But it has been heavily modified by his benefactors with heavy baffling and shielded bolt holes.


Typically, he poses as a standard cargo flight moving small cargos to and from orbit. With a hold full of an innocuous manifest (rations and imported clothing are his favorite), he then stores the more interesting and illegal items in the various compartments in the decking and side walls of his craft. Once he passes customs and Arbites control scans, he can quickly retrieve his customers wares for personal delivery. In case he needs to make a clean getaway, his Arvus also has upgraded and modified engines pulled from a Fury Starfighter. Kicking in those engines has surprised more than one unprepared passenger.


He has strong ties to the Chorda Dynasty, and is based on Damaris. Ike’s Arvus is registered to the Capitol’s space port, and licensed to operate as a point to point ship for the various trade houses scattered around the main continent. Ike always pays his fees on time.



WS:30 BS:30 S:25 T30 A:40 I:35 P:30 WP:25 Fel:35


+10 piloting (all), Decieve, Disguise, Sleight of Hand, +10 Carouse, Barter, Dodge, Shadowing


Dress: Light Flak Jacket, Oily Cargo Pants, Imperial Boots (pre-owned), and a Pilots Visor. He carries a basic laspistol.


Special Rules:


Customized Arvus: Identical to a standard Arvus lighter in carrying capacity, size, and look. Replace the speed of the Arvus with that of a Fury when Ike needs extra speed. Baffles and crafty disguise work require a Hellish (-60) check to uncover if Ike is smuggling something, or a Near Impossible (-80) if the ship is clean and Ike is around. The test is only (-50) if the Explorers somehow find the ship sitting unattended and have time to thoroughly search it.




Damaris: Ike is based around Damaris, and his Arvus doesn’t have warp capability (plus, all his contacts are there). But, if the Explorers have allowed Damaris to be overrun with Orks, Ike’s contacts with the Chorda Dynasty allowed him to escape just before the final assault. If Damaris is destroyed, Ike is instead based around another large population planet in the Expanse with Chorda ties.


Plot Hooks:

- The Explorers need something smuggled to or from the surface of Damaris, and as they were asking around Ike heard their need. He will offer his services for a ‘nominal’ fee.

- The Explorers know something is going to be smuggled off Damaris, and Ike is probably the pilot who will do it. He keeps a low profile, so the Explorers will need to track him down and catch him while he still has his cargo onboard

- The Chorda Dynasty doesn’t like the Explorers, and has hired Ike to steal something from them. Ike will look like any of a number of other cargo pilots going about their daily business resupplying the Explorer’s ship. Can they catch him before he disappears with one of their treasures?

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Rhea: Thief, Spy, and Assassin


Overview:  Despite how she dresses, Rhea despises the Calixian nobles, and still resents them for her early life in the slums of Scintilla.  She carouses with them because she has to, and keeps a smile on her face until the moment she drives a knife (metaphorically or literally) into their back.  Rhea is more willing to talk with mid-level officials, since they like her charms and she respects their work ethic.  Rarely will she leave a job to an assistant that she could instead do herself.


The first time Rhea was caught unaware, she killed the three crew members who were about to expose her as a fraud. She found the act to be both uncivilized and frustrating, since it left a trail.


While that first attempt was less than ideal, she still accomplished her objective: stealing an ancient contract for perpetual repairs and resupply that tied the Adeptus Mechanicus to a Rogue Trader that they no longer enjoyed working with. The Mechanicus were very grateful. The Rogue Trader was furious.


Since that mission, she started focusing on how she could gain the most information and steal everything she could without raising suspicion. For an orphaned grifter from the underhives, the Koronus Expanse was a harsh teacher.


Luckily for her Tobias Caine provided any equipment or resources that she needed.


After his disappearance, Rhea began building up an intelligence network of her own, using Caine dynasty contacts and funds to plant ears across the Foundling Stars and up into Winterscale’s Realm. To those individuals who knew her by name, it felt like she was everywhere over the next fifteen years. Rhea would be dining with Winterscale Dynasty Seneschals one week, then be down in the dive bars of Imperial-aligned worlds near Iniquity the next.


To those who only knew of Rhea’s spy network in passing, and of the Caine Dynasty only through purchase requests and trade agreements, she became a dark rumor and a tale to scare new players in the great game of trade in the Expanse.


Because of this, and because of her regular forays in disguise or undercover, Rhea has been associated as much with her ship as with her own personality. Powerful people in the Expanse know that when the Profit Stalker II arrives in a system, the Caine Dynasty is collecting information or exploring a rumor.


What complicates this ‘knowledge’ of Rhea and the Caine Dynasty is that the Stalker seems to be everywhere at once. High level Winterscale diplomats have records of their Astropaths warning an outpost to expect Rhea after she visited a central trading hub, only to have the Astropaths at the outpost message back that she had already been there and left. The Profit Stalker II was shown having registered and payed docking fees in both places within a week of each other.


The journey by warp was at least three weeks.


What very few know outside of the upper echelons of the Caine Dynasty is that Rhea actually has three ships. All three are registered as the Profit Stalker II. Rhea changes which one she travels on regularly, using the other two as decoys or secondary sources of corroborating information.





WS:42 BS:47 S:38 T:32 Ag:48 Int:34 Per:36 WP:31 Fel:42


Traits: Touched by the Fates (1), Primitive Melee training, Pistol Training, Basic Weapon Training, Ambidextrous, Heightened Senses (touch), Catfall, Rapid Reload, Quick Draw, Deadeye Shot, Mighty Shot, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Lightning Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Training (Digi Melta, Needle Rifle)


Skills: Awareness +10, Charm, Climb, Concealment, Decieve, Disguise, Dodge +10, Inquiry, Intimidate, Scrutiny, Search, Silent Move, Swim, Drive (ground vehicles), Shadowing, Tracking, Sleight of Hand, Security, Medicae, Low Gothic, High Gothic, Common Lore (Underground, War), Literacy, Secret Tongue (Caine Dynasty), Pilot (civilian space craft), Tech Use


Clothing: When she is being obvious, Rhea wears clothing marking her as High Nobility in Calixis (modified slightly to be more practical for the rigors of the Expanse). It is heavily embroidered with roses, stars, and calligraphy in a deep purple with white accents. The outerwear is enough to make the upper class in the Expanse look and take notice, while the complex layering is more than enough to keep their attention as she gets closer.


When she’s infiltrating, she’ll wear whatever the local working class is forced to wear, typically of a lower quality and slightly unkempt look.


In either case, she wears a black bodyglove underneath at all times.



The Profit Stalker II



Claymore-Class Corvette

Skittish, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


The three Profit Stalkers were all built at the same Forge World, at the same time, for the same crusade. They were intended to be Naval Security units, guarding the upper anchors of threatened Hive Worlds and boarding suspicious transports to search for illegal shipments. They also happen to be nearly identical in make and layout, which is what drew Rhea to the squadron of three ships in the first place.


After the crusade, the three ships were put into storage because of their tendency to avoid a fight. The ships had decent records, and were effective at rooting out smuggling, but their Captains always complained about the ships not being willing in the tense hours before a major raid. Sector Command had limited funds to keep ships running after the crusade, and decided that unloading three corvettes with low crew morale was a good use of resources.


For Rhea, these tendencies are just fine. She has little need to stay and fight with the corvettes’ speed, and she has converted the barracks from a naval security facility to a training ground for a small number of operatives and strike personnel.


Primary Components: Plasma Drive, Gellar Field, Warp Engine, Single Shield Array, Combat Bridge, Vitae Life Sustainer, Voidsman Quarters, M-100 Augur


Secondary Components: Thunderstrike Macrocannons, Starbreaker Lance Turret, Luxury Passengers Quarters, Barracks, Observation Dome, Augmented Retro Thrusters


Special Rules:


Barracks: Each Profit Stalker II has 5,000 security personnel ready to respond to ground or void-based needs, along with a selection of Rhinos, Chimeras, Supply vehicles, and equipment to serve many needs. This is a pinpoint strike force, meant to control mansion complexes, Governor’s Palaces, or small void stations just long enough to extract important intel or hold long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Each Stalker has enough small craft and assault barges to drop the entire force onto the surface of a planet in a couple hours, or to launch pinpoint raids against hardened targets.


Luxury Quarters: Rhea enjoys ferrying high class passengers to and from major systems. She gains good information, and her schedule allows assured travel to the nobles, often leaving them slightly in her debt.


Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: Unless one knows that there are three Stalkers, it is essentially impossible to tell them apart. An Arduous (-60) search of known information (such as internal bulkhead scans, registry information in the Calixis Sector, historical inquiry, ect), can reveal the ruse. But, when even Winterscale’s organization hasn’t figured it out yet, Rhea will not make it easy on the Explorers either.


Plot Hooks:

- Rhea has a piece of information that the Explorers need. They’ll have to find her first, then convince her to reveal some of the intelligence that she has collected.

- The Explorers notice that the Profit Stalker II has entered anchor over one of their colonies. If they know of Rhea’s reputation (or of the Caine Dynasty), they might start to wonder what Rhea is looking for…

- Either unwittingly or not, the Explorers have encroached on a Caine Dynasty trade route. The Stalker has arrived to sabotage some of their infrastructure to buy the Caine Dynasty time to work their political contacts into shutting the Explorers down.

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Added a picture of Sebastian:





And I have a request, if someone has them lying around: I need an idea for a good Stryxis Merchant (of a reoccuring kind, not a throwaway).  Really I just don't have any good idea of what the Styxis are like, or what their motivations are, that couldn't be replaced with a good Rogue Trader.


I also need a good Kroot Shaper, preferably one that doesn't use a Warsphere (though they should definitely have a Warsphere to call home).  I'm looking for a mercenary group that is willing to work with the Mechanicus, and fight on longer term contracts, in the range of 6 months to a year, regularly.

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Still looking for some help on Stryxis and Kroot, but until then another short one:




Beschdel Mairne


WS:42 BS:45 S:35 T:35 A:40 I:45 P:50 WP:45 Fel:50


Overview: Mairne is a Rogue Trader (2nd generation), who is incredibly sensitive to anyone saying that he ‘inherited’ his Warrant and, hence, doesn’t actually deserve it. He is quick to anger, and very slow to forget. Every once in a while though he recognizes a friend, and is always willing to help them as long as it doesn’t put his late mother’s fortune at risk.


When not angry, or in battle, or exploring a recently discovered world, Beschdel acts the role of a fine gentleman and keen trader. He is able to spot a diamond in the rough (both literally and figuratively), but can become attached to a large deal that ignites the collector in him. When that happens, he will let his profits shrink in the negotiations, just to say that he was able to strike a deal.


He once traded an entire shipment of xenos pelts and skeletons for a relic power sword of the first Winterscale.


Beschdel Mairne’s typical clothing is a great fur cloak of grey and blue, with ceremonial carapace armor underneath. He carries a power sword disguised as an ornate walking staff (the Winterscale Relic), and always has a retainer with him to carry his custom boltgun.


His ship is a Dauntless-Class Light Cruiser, the Pistols at Dawn. It has been outfitted for long runs out into the expanse.

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Senior Archbishop Isabel Clearwater


One of the most senior clergy in the Calixis Sector, and the greatest proponent of expanding the Imperial Cult in the Koronus Expanse, Senior Archbishop Isabel Clearwater is a name that many associate directly with the Missionary Galaxia in the the Halo Stars near the Calixis Sector. She holds court above Scintilla in one of the Ecclesiarchy’s orbital cathedrals. In addition to her work supporting the Missionary Galaxia, Isabel is charged with overseeing the sector’s Schola Progineum.


Isabel Clearwater is a woman who is kind on the outside to her congregation, and who hides a vicious streak of retribution against any who are not faithful to her teachings. Her Archbishop’s white and gold robes have been adorned with miniature embroidery dictating the teachings of Saint Drusus, and writings attributed to the Emperor himself. Small servo skulls of missionaries hold her long robes up from the ground as she walks.


A gift from the Adeptus Mechanicus constantly circles her: half a dozen small birds of bright colors that never tire, never need food, and that sniff the air around her for any assassins or threats. Her entourage consists of her senior adepts of the Schola Progineum, an honor guard of Adeptus Sororitas Militant, senior priests of the Missionary Galaxia, and six Witch Hunters of the Ordos Hereticus.


Whether she controls the Inquisitors, or the Inquisitors control her is never entirely clear; but her Schola have produced excellent graduates for their ranks.


Recently, her missionaries have discovered a heathen empire in the Expanse, built around a human-centered culture with limited warp travel. The Missionary Galaxia made no inroads on converting the empire’s religion, and has turned to Isabel for a full scale religious war.


The heathen empire has clearly STC technology, and centers around almost a dozen star systems. Their fleet consists of a squadron of cruisers, several frigate-sized ships, and a large number of non-warp-capable system defense ships.


Isabel immediately began making plans to conquer and subsume this pocket empire under the flag of the Adeptus Ministorum, and called on her many allies to build up a crusade force capable of accomplishing that task.




The Guiding Light of Faithful Intent (The Faithful Intent)

Ministorum Star Galleon Drydock Ship




The flagship of the Ecclesiarchy’s Adeptus Sororitas in the Calixis Sector, the Faithful Intent can trace its lineage back to the Age of Apostasy, when it was used as an expeditionary ship in the Ultima Segmentum.


The Faithful Intent has extensive facilities to act as a void station for supplies and shore leave of faithful servants on crusade. Inside, it houses huge cathedrals, massive mansions for senior crusade officials, expansive suites for retinues and honored guests, supply vaults for more mundane needs, and medicae facilities.


It follows fleets and populations into the darkness, providing a glimmer of the Emperor’s Light beyond the Imperium’s edge.



Primary Components: Lathe-pattern drive, Warp Drive, Gellar Field, Single Void Shield, Commerce Bridge, Vitae-pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsmen Quarters, M.100 Augur Array


Secondary Components: 2x Main Cargo Hold, Temple Shrine, Observation Dome, Luxury Passengers Quarters, Extended Supply Vaults, Spacedock Piers, Medicae Deck, Lux Net, Manufactorum (basic spare parts), 2x Flak Turret Arrays



**Note: The Guiding Light has no offensive weapons of its own, and is always intended to follow a significant fleet, or have escorts dedicated to its defense.  At Minimum it is guarded by two Ecclesiarchy Sword-Class Frigates, the Drusus' Torch, and Drusus' Adept.

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At Minimum it is guarded by two Ecclesiarchy Sword-Class Frigates, the Drusus' Torch, and Drusus' Adept.

Just an observation (will delete this if you like so as not to mess up your thread) - the Ecclesiarchy doesn't have warships (Decree Passive); they'll be navy vessels and crews 'on loan'.

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Questions are good =)

I'd wondered about that, but I figured that if nothing else the ships could have been on loan so long that they've fully crewed out Ecclesiarchy-loyal captains and officers. Add in a couple centuries of refits, and big temple shrines with devoted priests onboard, and it would probably be difficult to tell the difference.

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Tobias Caine


“He is reckless, arrogant, power-hungry, and surprisingly devious; but he is also the most loyal servant of the God-Emperor I’ve ever met.”

-Lord Bishop-Governor Arint, watching the Caine Dynasty Fleet enter high Damaris anchor




-Tobias Caine in combat regalia, aboard a Leman Russ of the 16th Damaris Heavy Armored Brigade, just before the second counter-attack to retake the Eastern Wall of the City of Damaris during the invasion of Warboss Snogritz


Tobias Caine spent three years tearing through the Koronus Expanse before he angered a powerful conclave of Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators, was taken by a Black Ship of the Inquisition, and soul-bound to the Emperor. Fifteen years later, he returned to the Expanse and began building an empire.


Riding at the head of his fleet, Tobias Caine smashes aside any threat in front of him and steals any trinket (from sword to planet) that catches his fancy. He has nearly been killed by Eldar, Orks, Chaos Marauders, and Stryxis; but that has only hardened his resolve.


He is polite to loyal Imperial servants, and brutal to the Imperium’s enemies. When there is a task that requires more finesse than an orbital bombardment or invasion, Caine turns to his many advisers and core companions.


At all times he carries two ornately crafted power swords of exquisite make, an incredibly ancient honorary sash from the God-Emperor’s personal crusade fleet, a compact plasma pistol whose deliberate markings show that it was once used by a Saint of the early Calixis sector, and a tiny digital melta-gun worked into the shape of a fine ring bearing the Imperial Aquila and a ward against the Arch-Enemy.


Where Caine goes, the Grand Cruiser Righteous Fury goes too. And often, where the Righteous Fury goes, the rest of Caine’s fleet follows.


At last count, the Caine Dynasty fleet consisted of the Righteous Fury, the Enduring Profit (a Dominator-class cruiser), the Void Heart (a Gothic-class cruiser, refitted into a void carrier), the Emissary (a heavily refitted Sword-class frigate), and the Profit Stalker II (a Claymore-class corvette).


Since his return to the Expanse, Caine has been traveling with his Wolfe Pack, and an entire Expeditionary Force from the planet Damaris consisting of 120,000 highly trained light infantry.





WS:58 BS:55 S:40 T:34 A:42 Int:40 Per:40 WP:35 Fel:45


Talents: Psi Rating 1, Nerves of Steel, Resistance (Fear), Counter-Attack, Swift Attack, Lightning Attack, Blademaster, Two Weapon Fighting, Ambidextrous, Quick Draw, Foresight, Melee Weapon Training, Pistol Weapon Training,  Exotic Weapons (Digi-melta), Air of Authority, Touched by the Fates


Skills: Awareness +20, Charm +20, Command +20, Commerce +20, Dodge +20, Intimidate, Scrutiny


Psychic Techniques: Telepathy, Augury, Divining the Future



Weapons: 2x Best Craftsmanship Power Swords, 1 Best Craftsmanship Power Fist, Good Craftsmanship Plasma Pistol, Digi-melta, Best Craftsmanship Stormtrooper Armor (all 6, sealed)


Power Fist:  Tobias Caine found his power fist from the dead clutches of a Stryxis Merchant Master.  Clearly of Imperial origin, it is small enough to easily manipulate objects or hold other weapons.  Often, when not confronting truly fearsome enemies, Tobias Caine will use the power fist as a regular armored gauntlet, choosing instead to wield both of his power swords in combat.


Details on the Wolfe Pack can be found here:

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Here's a thread i started a while ago with the same agenda.  Yours is better though Vandigrath.  Lots of nice artwork and stats.  I'll probably be stealing some of the stat lines and re-branding the characters to fit in my own campaigns!


Out of curriosity is there any way to tag a member in a post they might find interesting?

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Still looking for some help on Stryxis and Kroot, but until then another short one:



I created a clan of Kroot who are specific to a region of a world I created called Geistzieg.


(Info on Geistzieg can be found here:


In short Geistzieg is a terrestrial planet which orbits a red dwarf star.  Since red dwarf stars are cooler than yellow dwarfs (like our own sun) a planet has to be closer to the star than earth is to our sun to be warm enough to support life.  The closer proximity results in the planet becoming tidally locked, in other words it has no day night cycle.  Humans live primarilly in ruined hivesarrow-10x10.png on the night side to avoid the large amounts of solar radiation.


Humans were not the first species to live on this world, it has been industrialized for many hundreds of thousands of years which has resulted in massive amounts of pollution but on Geistzieg the pollution has selected for life which can survive in this poisonous environment.  Chemicals which are poison on other planets are basic nutrients for the ecosystems of Geistzieg.


There is a region which surrounds on of the three major cities on the world called the Ash Forests.  It does not thrive on solar energyarrow-10x10.png since it is on the night side.  Instead it is dependant on the heat and ash provided by the nearby volcanicly active canyons and the cities pollutants.  Imagine if you will some sort of dark forest with black ferns taller than a man filled with bioluminescest organisms.  The air would be to toxic for human to use without a rebreather.


Giestzieg in home to several small communities of kroot who live alongside humans in the hive cities, these small communities are thought to have formed from crimials banished from the warsphere they once called home.  A couple hundred years ago a few dozen Kroot migrated from their life in the cliff-cities and decided to venture out to somewhere they could call their own.  Why they were attracted to the ash forests only they can say.  But they are the only intelligent life to be able to call it home.  Prehaps it is this sense of solitude and belonging that attracted them.  


They are a highly reclusive tribe who will sell their services as mercenaries to outsiders in exchange for materials they cannot find in the ash forests such as metals.  They have little in the way of tradearrow-10x10.png save for that which can kill you.  Fortunately death is a highly lucrative trade in the Kronus expanse.  Their forests are filled with deadly beasts which sell well to fighting pit owners as well as deadly toxins.


These kroot have another service they can trade, themselves.  For generations they have been consuming ariel predators in the forest and now sport black wings like a harpy.  They have grown pitch black of skin and like everything else in the ash forest these kroot have become poisonous.  Their jaw has changed as well, it is split down the middle of the lower half and opens wider to show rows of serrated teeth.  Their blood has become blue and glowss in the dark.  Together these adaptations have gained them a fearsome reputation as hit and run killers.  Perfect for hit squads in the incessant gang warfare that takes place in the cliff hivesarrow-10x10.png between competing Doh Guan families.  It is not uncommon to hear of a crew boss who gained a few to many enemies to be taken out by the so called Black Wings or the Tuok'gee in the kroots own tongue.


Tuok'gee Kroot Tribesmen.


If you want to use the Black Wings in your adventure use the standard Kroot profile in the rogue trader rule book with the following modifications: Increase Strength by 5, Flyer (6) trait, Climb (+20), reduce their Dodgearrow-10x10.png down to just an unmodified role, Dark Sight,   All their melee attacks (including their beak and claws) have to toxic quality, and increase the penetration of their unarmed and beak attacks by 3.  Their bite attack does 1d10+8 R damage with the tearing quality.


Thier size is increased to hulking and if a hit hits the body there is a 50% chance it hit their wings which have no armour and if they suffer damage they cannot fly.  If their wings are hit while the kroot is in the air they will take falling damage. 


All their gear which has metal in it is coated in an oily wax from a cactus like plant in the outskirts of the smog forests near the freezing cold night side tundra.  The plants wax protects the metal from the harsh air of the ash forests which would otherwise render any sort of metal object useless after a few weeks of exposure.  In the hands of others who are unaccustomed to this it makes their knife and kroot rifle gain the unwieldy trait (cannot be used to parry).


Shapers are armed with Footfall pattern bolters, five reloads, two frag grenades, Tuok'gee Tomahawk and a knife. +10 willpower and intelligence, body armour 4 primitive.  Two weapon wielder, Medicae +10, Psynisciance,  (Command +10), Nerves of steel, Iron Discipline


Tuok'gee Tomahawk:  Traditional weapon used by the black wings shapers.  Coated in the acidic blood commonly found flowing through the veins of the most deadly predators in that awful place.  Made from the highest quality metal the tribe can aquire.  (Basic One handed, Melee, toxic, primitive, 1d10+13, R, Pen 5,  Special rule: Acidic coating:  if a character is wounded by the hunting axe first aid tests on medicae suffer a -10 to the attempt)

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Here's a thread i started a while ago with the same agenda.  Yours is better though Vandigrath.  Lots of nice artwork and stats.  I'll probably be stealing some of the stat lines and re-branding the characters to fit in my own campaigns!


Out of curriosity is there any way to tag a member in a post they might find interesting?


Go right ahead!  Though, I have no idea how to tag people.  I know you can copy the link to a specific post you want (right-clicking on the #__ in the top right), but I just end up posting that link or sending it via message.


Also, those Kroot look interesting.  There's not quite enough of them to form a full fledged army, but they might be useful as close associates or allies in a small fight on that planet.

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Here's a thread i started a while ago with the same agenda.  Yours is better though Vandigrath.  Lots of nice artwork and stats.  I'll probably be stealing some of the stat lines and re-branding the characters to fit in my own campaigns!

...I'm always worried that I've gone too far and made them overly powerful (as you're about to see below).  I should probably think about putting some less powerful fighters up that have other talents.


Also, since I've been working on some other stuff for Sebastian, I thought everyone might be interested in Master Tribune Marcharius, Sebastian's senior bodyguard and Master Skitarii:




“He may have once believed in the Imperial Creed, but I would trust no one else to guard me in this Omnissiah-forsaken Expanse”

-Sebastian the Gold, to a Magos of the Legio Cybernetica


A 400 year old former Colonel in the Imperial Guard, Marcharius is now a Skitarii and the most fearsome Master Tribune in the Koronus Expanse. There is little left of his original humanity except a keen tactical sense and an unconquerable determination to defeat his enemies.


Master Tribune Marcharius is a dangerous opponent at any range. He is famed for his marksmanship with his shoulder mounted Lascannon, and has weapon mechadendrites that wield his twin power glaives. At some point before he arrived in the Expanse, Marcharius also obtained a relic volkite caliver for medium range work.


While he is confident in his ability to defeat any single opponent, at any range, Marcharius knows that there is strength in numbers. Through his Skitarii Cohorts, he has trained to defeat enemies both powerful and numerous. This has served him well in the Expanse, where threats are varied and impossible to predict.


Marcharius is an opponent not to be taken lightly, but has been described as a blunt instrument. He sees little need for impressive tactics if blunt firepower will win the day.


He arrived in the Koronus Expanse five decades ago willfully. By the time Sebastian the Gold arrived in the Expanse, Marcharius had risen though force of merit to lead the defenses forces of the Khasis Forge Annex. Sebastian quickly saw the value of having Master Tribune Marcharius under his own banner, and Marcharius began to see the merits of following a rising Magos.


Master Tribune Marcharius used his connections and Skitarii Cohorts to wrest control of Khasis away from the decadent leaders appointed by the Lathe Worlds.


While some factions within the Lathe Worlds were unhappy at the turn of events, other factions were overjoyed. Quickly, Master Tribune Marcharius saw huge new influxes of soldiers and equipment for his Skitarii, and saw that following Sebastian would be a valuable partnership.


Soon, Marcharius was leading expeditions of Skitarii aboard the One Eyed Cog as he and Sebastian started scouring the Expanse for any hint of archeotech that would lead Khasis into the upper tier of Mechanicus Society.


Master Tribune Marcharius


WS:55 BS:55(+20) S:60(+20) T:55(UnT) A:30 I:45 P:45 WP:50 Fel:30


Modifiers: Integrated Motion Detectors (BS+10), Integrated Preysense Sights, Integrated Auspex (A+20), Best Craftsmanship Bionic Respiratory System, Subskin Armor (included in armor profile), MIU Weapon Interface (Lascannon)


Armor: Mechanicus Tribune Power Armor (All 8) (total: 8 head, 10 arms/body/legs) equivalent to Space Marine Power Armor, Conversion Field (ap 50)


Talents: Unnatural Toughness, Ambidextrous, Combat Master, Two-Weapon Wielder, Dual Strike, Enhanced Bionic Frame, Independent Targeting, Iron Discipline, Logis Implant, Machinator Array, Precise Blow, Quick Draw, Rite of Fear (1), Sure Strike, The Flesh is Weak (4), Wall of Steel


Skills: Awareness +20, Ciphers (mechanicus), Common Lore (Mechanicus, Imperial Guard, Imperium, Koronous Expanse, Tech, War), Command +20, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Mechanicus, Archeotech, Xenos), Interrogation +10, Intimidate +10, Tech Use +20


Weapons: Best Craftsmanship Compact Lascannon (MIU Linked, Shoulder Mounted, Omni-scope, suspensor), Best Craftsmanship Volkite Caliver, 2x Best Craftsmanship Power Glaives (count as power swords).


*Note: Master Tribune Marcharius is not meant as a common foe, especially since he will always be with Sebastian, at least a full Platoon of Skitarii, and a phalanx of gun servitors. He is a valuable ally, but if he is an enemy then victory should be costly and satisfying. If Marcharius is somewhere, then a large cache of valuable Archeotech should not be far off.

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