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X-Wing Custom Campaign (Input appreciated)

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So I was thinking of starting a little friendly campaign with a local player in my area, me acting more of a "dungeon master" than an actual player. Here is the general idea:


I was thinking of placing the campaign in the events of the first x-wing series books with Corran Horn, following the events roughly. In the book they start with the 12 x-wings and an imperial shuttle. Instead the rebel player will be given a set amount of points (100 probably) to build his squad, plus the shuttle. Any ships and upgrades may be changed swapped around, but not sold.


General ideas:


Rebel player will be given a handful of targets to choose from, each with a vague hint of risk and reward.


Any rebel named pilots EV (extra vehicular, aka ship destroyed) will be recovered by the victorious player automatically, or the rebel player may call in the shuttle seperatly at any point in the game and using the red 0 when the base is over the pilot, will extract them if the shuttle survives.


Any ship may flee the board normally, or if hyperspace capable, must be facing their board side, complete a max straight forward maneuver the turn previous (as the run up to light speed) then may declare it has gone to light speed when revealing his dial (no matter what it shows.)


If the rebel player is victorious, I would take a RNG on a destroyed ship, calculating a number between 0 and one quarter value to determine how much salvage is left. An attack dice on each upgrade card (minus pilot upgrades) and on a hit or crit they are destroyed. The only exception to this is ships that have been knocked out with an ion cannon. These are awarded in full to the rebel player to use as he sees fit, but may only be piloted by rookies. 


My goals: 


to grow the rebel players army to 200 from the first victory, then to 300 for the final battle.


Some targets may be too strong for the rebel player, and if not properly disengaged from can cripple his fleet which may result in a "empire wins" ending. 


Create an environment where sacrificing pilots for "the greater good" can be more of a mistake than disengaging them and getting them to safety would be.


What do you guys think? Am I missing anything? Am I overestimating any values somewhere? Any and all feedback is appreciated. We would both be doing this purely for fun, not for any sort of competitiveness.

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I like the idea.

Imperials can replace ships as needed but every replacement is an academy pilot.

Rebels can replace pilots with any skill level if they have the resources.

Both sides shouls earn xp with which they can upgrade pilots.

Rebels would have limited ability to replace ships.

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I really like this idea.  I've been thinking about doing something I saw in a post a while ago that has a few people and each player gets one pilot.  Those pilots can upgrade as the campaign continues.  I really like the idea of incorporating the shuttle for pickup.

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