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Hero Swapping in Campaign Mode Questions

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So, for clarification, if I am working through campaign mode, to trade out a hero, I have to pay a +1 threat cost. But I have three questions on that:

1. What if I add a hero to my lineup, where I did not have one before? For example, I had only two heroes, Merry and Pippin, but I decide to add Bilbo to the lineup.

2. If I swap someone out, in a future scenario, if I swap them back in, do I need to pay the threat penalty again? So, I had Glorfindel in the first BR scenario, swap him out for Aragorn in the second, but swap him back in for Aragorn for the third?

3. If a player swaps heroes with another, is there a threat penalty? So, I swap Merry and Fatty between mine and my wife's deck, do we pay a penalty?



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