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What 2nd édition adventure for halloween ?

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Hi it´s halloween on thirsday as we will begin our wfrp3 enemy within campaign.

I figured out a short halloween adventure should be a good introduction to team up the PCs made with background cards, and of course a season-appropriate surprise session.

I have the whole v2 Line since à short Time. I am quite sure there is a adventure responding to that. But which one is the better ? Help !

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Maybe the Grapes of Wrath? That was in Restless Dead (1e) and I think made it into Plundered Vaults (2e).


I still have all these old White Dwarf magazines covering 1e. They really have some interesting material.


I was thinking about this as well after I read this:


I wish we had a good Halloween adventure for 3e. Though, I'm not sure I care that much for Ravenloft.

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I don't have any suggestions, but here's a complete list of all of the 2e scenarios:

====SECOND EDITION  --- includes estimated or actual xp in a 4 hour session with targeted career=================
WFRP201   Through The Drakwald (core book)(205xp,1st) 
WFRP202  Plundered Vaults: The Grapes of Wrath(205xp,2nd )
WFRP203  PV: For Love or Money (175xp,1st )
WFRP204  PV: The Haunting Horror(195xp,1st )
WFRP205  PV: Rough Night at the Three Feathers(135xp,1st  or 2nd )
WFRP206  PV: Carrion Call (250xp,end of 1st )
WFRP207  PV: Sing For Your Supper(350xp,1st  or 2nd )
WFRP208  GMP: Pretty Things (205xp,1st )
WFRP209  Ashes of Middenheim (PotD I) (1200xp,1st)
WFRP210  Sigmar's Heirs:  Ill Met in Bogenhafen(135xp,1st )
WFRP211  Spires of Altdorf (PotD II)(1200xp,1st -2nd )
WFRP212i-vii Karak Azgal (Variable,2nd )
WFRP213  Realms of Sorcery: A Brutal Finish (250xp,2nd )
WFRP214  Forges of Nuln (PotD III)(1200xp,2nd)
WFRP215  KotG: Ill Tidings (155xp,1st  or 3rd )
WFRP215  Barony of the Damned (1000xp,2nd )
WFRP216  CotHR: Slaves of Destiny(230xp,2nd )
WFRP217  Terror in Talabheim (975xp,1st  or 2nd )
WFRP218  Lure of the Liche Lord (1600xp,2nd  or 3rd)
WFRP219  RotIQ: Rough Justice  (125xp, 1st  or 3rd )
WFRP220i  Thousand Thrones: Call of Chaos (315xp, 1st )
WFRP220ii TT:  An Unquiet Peace (280xp,  1st )
WFRP220iii TT: The Crusade of the Child (270xp, 1st )
WFRP220vi TT: Written in Blood  (325xp, 1st -2nd )
WFRP220v TT:  Metamophosis of Villa Hahn (300xp, 2nd )
WFRP220vi TT: Heralds of a New Dawn (300xp,2nd )
WFRP220vii TT: Death Do Us Part (330xp,2nd )
WFRP220viii TT: The Black Witch (300xp,2nd)
WFRP220ix TT: Womb of the Black Witch (800xp,3rd )

WFRP2801  The Nine Virtues of Magnus the Pious (winner) by N. Kostić, D. Mandić, S Midžić (640xp,1st ) 
WFRP2802  Grauschloss by D. Jørgensen (Variable xp, Pre-generated)
WFRP2803 Burn after Printing by Jadrax (200xp,1st)

WFRP2701  That way madness lies by Sebastian Hickey (winner)(125xp,1st-2nd)
WFRP2702  Karls & Scents by Fahri Alp Kilic  (runner up)  (340xp,2nd )
WFRP2703  The Legend of Wolfgang van Horn by Wim van Gruisen  (170xp,1st-2nd)
WFRP2704  Bartuk – Where Ogres Dare by Daniel N Jørgensen (175xp,2nd)
WFRP2705  Dead Ringer by Chuck Morrison (contributor winner) (100xp,Any)
WFRP2706  Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker by M. Donnacha (200xp,1st)
WFRP2707  Theatre of the Damned by M. Kekki,M.Savolainen,S. Uusitalo (125xp,1st-2nd)
WFRP2708  Ballad of Stanislav Benq by Kevin Naughton (125xp,Any)
WFRP2709  Blackheart – The Tassenburg Chain Gang by Ben Dell (500xp,1st)
WFRP2710  A Forgotten Foe by Carl Walmsley (115xp,1st - 2nd )
WFRP2711  The Show Must by Steve Darlington (125xp,1st)
WFRP2712  An Encounter in the Woods by A. Díaz (300xp,1st)
WFRP2713  Ill Met by Morrslieb by M. Hudson (180xp,1st)
WFRP2714  Death Beneath the Aurora Chaoticus by D. Gooch (195xp,Provided)
WFRP2715  First Impression by Mike Carniello (50xp,Any)
WFRP2716  Eye of Sigmar by Dan Cole (200xp,2nd)
WFRP2717  A Day at the Races by Mike Hall (250xp,1st)
WFRP2718  Trials and Retributions by Jason Harper (125xp,1st-2nd)
WFRP2719  A Gut Feeling by Doug Billingsly (225xp,1st - 2nd)
WFRP2720  Luitpoldstrasse Blues by Dave Allen (Var,1st)

WFRP2601  Two Knights from Carcassone (winner) by Richard Coates
WFRP2602  The Wolf Within (runner up) by Dawn Lewis 
WFRP2603  The Green Man (runner up) by Steve Moss and Erik Verhoeve
WFRP2604  A Friend in Need (runner up) by Mac Dara Mac Donnacha
WFRP2605  Worse than Disease by Jody Macgregor  
WFRP2606  Something in the Water by Kevin Naughton 
WFRP2607  The Sword and the Dove  by Adam Raab  
WFRP2608  Bridge on the River Reik by M. Kekki,M.Savolainen,S. Uusitalo
WFRP2609  Life of the Party by Joe Cohen   
WFRP2610  Flash in the Pan by Stefan Lægteskov  
WFRP2611  The Olde Ball Game by Adrian Tan  
WFRP2612  Things to do in Diersdorf When You're Dead by Simon Crowe
WFRP2613  Chaos in the Rye by Jeff Mason   
WFRP2614  A Right Farce  by Stuart Orford    
WFRP2615  Ruthless by Dale Elvy   
WFRP2616  The Rat-A-Jacks by Steven Lewis  
WFRP2617  Mr. Mephisto's Marvellous Menagerie by Daniel Gooch
WFRP2618  Portrait of a Grail Damsel by Andrew Jackson 
WFRP2619  Hoodies! by Toby Pilling   
WFRP2620  Sorry Gents, The Bar is Closed by John W S Marvin 
WFRP2621  To Hell Pit and Back by Dave Allen  

WFRP2501  Noblesse Oblige (winner) by Chuck Morrisson 
WFRP2502  Masquerade of Horrors by S. McAnally and C. Campbell
WFRP2503  Three Brothers by Stefan Laegteskov  
WFRP2504  A Question of Breeding by Adam Flynn  
WFRP2505  The Eye of the Tiger by Dan White  
WFRP2506  The Bigger they Are... by Mac Dara Mac Donnacha 
WFRP2507  A Secret Inheritance by Steve Cumiskey  
WFRP2508  A Dog Eat Dog World by Samuel Kisko  
WFRP2509  The Curse of the Crimson Pirate by Simon Crowe 
WFRP2510  Piotr Put the Kettle On, Khurgan Take it Off Again by D.Boulton
WFRP2511  This Old House by Steve Darlington  
WFRP2512  A Wolf Rider Holiday by Nathan C Cadwell  
WFRP2513  The Ties that Bind by Bryan Kropp   
WFRP2514  The Riverboat by Rich Ahlgrim   
WFRP2515  All At Sea by Robert Tulk   
WFRP2516  Haunted Ship by Joaquim Ball-Ilosera   
WFRP2517  Inquiry at Pinnokberg by Mike Carniello  
WFRP2518  Madness of Baron von Richter by Robert J  
WFRP2519  Passing the Buck by Nate Elwood  
WFRP2520  Everybody's Talking at Me by Georgios Panagiotidis 
WFRP2521  Black Pitch by Trevor Christensen  
WFRP2522  Ten Little Goblins by Ulric   
WFRP5223  Anger Mismanagement by by Morr  

WFRP2M01 A Degree of Intelligence by Mike Mason, Ian J Revill and Che Webster
WFRP2M02 Blasted Brains by Francois Dube
WFRP2M03 Bloodmaw's Marauders by Richard Iorio II Update by M.Savolainen
WFRP2M04 Stage Fright by Richard Coates (**Can’t be found**)
WFRP2M05 Stop the Rot! by Mike Hill
WFRP2M06 There are No Such Things as Skaven by Sami Uusitalo
WFRP2O07   The Tale of Rose Red & Snow White by Mattias Stahle
WFRP2O08 Winter’s Cold Heart by Jason Patterson
WFRP2BI09 The Pig, the Witch and her Lover (Black Industries Free RPG Day), author not credited

WFRP2001 The Altdorf Chronicles by unknown author
WFRP2o02 Anarchy In Brettonia by Owen Cooper
WFRP2o03 Baby Griffy by unknown author
WFRP2o04 Conspiracy by Casus Belli
WFRP2o05 Curse by Tristan Lhomme
WFRP2o06 Geheimnisnach by Alan Laighleis
WFRP2o07 Ghavakaz the Giant Slayer by Frank Lubbers 
WFRP2o08 Giant Slayers by Luke Twigger
WFRP2o09 The Grey Robes by Patrick Leclercq 
WFRP2o10 In pursuit of the Slann by Orso & Leonidas Vesperini 
WFRP2o11 Into the Mages’ Coffin by J. Lambregts & F. Lubbers
WFRP2o12 Into the Warrens by Jason Patterson
WFRP2o13 Skaven! By Cyrille Daujean and Pierre Lejoyeaux
WFRP2o14 Slavers by Alan Laighleis
WFRP2o15 Standing at the Gates of Chaos by Carson Atwood
WFRP2o16 The Beggar Who Would Be King by Dave Matalon
WFRP2o17 The Black Knight by Brian Sturdy  
WFRP2o18 The Curse of the Crimson Knight Part I by Dragonfire
WFRP2o19 The Curse of the Crimson Knight Part II by Dragonfire
WFRP2o20 The Dogs of Death by Dave Matalon
WFRP2o21 The Marienburg Chronicles by Mario Mora and Eric Ruocco
WFRP2o22 The Phantom of Miragliano by Dragonfire
WFRP2o23 To Bare the Blade by Ian Noble 
WFRP2o24 Trouble at the Gloating Boar Inn by unknown:

WFRP2A01 Ironstone pass by Graeme Davis
WFRP2A02 With a Little Help from my Friends by Carl Sargent
WFRP2A03 Eureka! by Paul Hargreaves
WFRP2A04 The Affair of the Hidden Jewel by Lewis Page
WFRP2A05 The Ritual by Phillip Wells 
WFRP2A02  Terror in the Darkness - By Carl Sargent
WFRP2A03  Elven Wardancers - by Davis& Matalou
WFRP2A05 Night of Mystery (-solo)  by Carl Sargent
WFRP2A06 Night of Blood by Jim Bambra
WFRP2A07 Oldenhaller Contract (WFRP2) (200xp,1st)

WFRP2STS01   Rising Shadows Campaign (Pt1 Gathering Darkness Campaign)by MadAlfred.
WFRP2STS02  Dark Despair (Pt2 of MadAlfreds “Gathering Darkness”-campaign)
WFRP2STS03  Rising Shadows - Stats for WFRP 2e; updated by Moracai
WFRP2STS04  Empire at War (zip) MadAlfreds updated Enemy within-campaign climax
WFRP2STS05  Empire at War - WFRP 2nd edition stats (pdf)
WFRP2STS06  Web of Eldaw -by Rick Priestly converted to 2e by Jay Hafner
WFRP2STS07   That Way Madness Lies -by Sebastian Hickey
WFRP2STS08   The bridge on the river Reik (pdf) by Matti Kekki, Mikko Savolainen and Sami Uusitalo
WFRP2STS09  Bloodmaws Maurauders by Richard Ioro II, updated stats by Mikko Savolainen
WFRP2STS10   There is something about Marié - by Sami Uusitalo.
WFRP2STS11  WFRP2 Scenario Contest 2009 First Place: A Bitter Harvest(pdf), by Ovid
WFRP2STS12   WFRP2 Scenario Contest 2009 Second Place: Three Gentlemen of Pavona by Alexander J. Bateman
WFRP2STS13  WFRP2 Scenario Contest 2009 Third Place: The Lord of Lost Heart, by Pip Hamilton
WFRP2STS14  WFRP2 Scenario Contest 2009 Fourth Place: Shadows in the Woods(pdf), by Matthew Parmeter
WFRP2STS15 The Trickster’s Dice by Tadeus Cantwell
WFRP2STS16 Conquering Darkness by Alfred Nunez Jr. (Part ? of Gathering Darkness)
WFRP2STS17 Grim Pursuits by Alfred Nunez Jr. (part? Of Gathering Darkness)

WFRP2Wd01  Playing with Fire by Alfred Nunez Jr
WFRP2Wd02  The Drowning Well by John Foody
WFRP2Wd03  Giant Slayers  by Luke Twigger
WFRP2Wd04   I Hired a Contract Killer by John Foody
WFRP2Wd05   Grovod Forest  by Alfred Nunez
WFRP2Wd06   Journey into Darkness  by Paul Wade-Williams
WFRP2Wd07   A Lover Lost by Mike Hill
WFRP2Wd08   Who was Hans Kotter (part 1, 2)
WFRP2Wd09   That Way Madness Lies by Sebastian Hickey

WARPSTONE MAGAZINE PRINT   (some of these listings are actually WFRP1e)
WFRP2W01  Persecution by John Foody
WFRP2W02  The Cannonball Run by John Foody
WFRP2W03  One Hour (to) Morr by John Foody
WFRP2W04  A Buried Past by John Foody
WFRP2W05  The Eternal Guard by John Foody
WFRP2W06  The Drowning Well by John Foody
WFRP2W07  Ostwald Skeletons by John Foody
WFRP2W08  The Missing Children of Regensdorf by Paul Williams
WFRP2W09  Once upon a time in Marienburg by John Foody
WFRP2W10  The Black Gate by John Foody
WFRP2W11  Noble Blood by John Foody
WFRP2W12  Ring-a-Ring of Cultists by John Foody
WFRP2W13a,b Remains of the Knight by John Foody, Sold in the hills by John Foody
WFRP2W14  Head Hunters by John Foody
WFRP2W15  A Lover Lost by Mike Hill
WFRP2W16  Privileges by John Foody
WFRP2W17  In the Name of Love by John Foody
WFRP2W18  A Recipe for Trouble by John Foody
WFRP2W19  The Profit of War by John Foody
WFRP2W20  A Taste of Family Life by Konrad Schubert
WFRP2W21  The Tears of Myrmidia by Brian Gillatt and Paul Mackintosh
WFRP2W22  Don’t Look Now by Clive Oldfield
WFRP2W23  Conspiracy part 1 by Alfred Nunez
WFRP2W24  Conspiracy part 2 by Alfred Nunez
WFRP2W25  [none]
WFRP2W26a  The Gibbet of Diedenhoff by Robin Low
WFRP2W26b  Full Board at the Three Oaks by David A Neale
WFRP2W26c  Lowebrau by Roysten Crow
WFRP2W26d  Nightmare on Helstrasse by Francois Dube
WFRP2W26d  Arrows of Outrageous Fortune by Wim van Gruisen
WFRP2W26e  Conspiracy Part 3 by Alfred Nunez
WFRP2W26f  Mountains of Madness by Chris Hahn & Richard Iorio
WFRP2W26g  The Harpies of Vindell's Folly
WFRP2W27a  Broken Scales by Robin Low
WFRP2W27b  The Aganauts by John Foody
WFRP2W28  Unfinished Symphony by Clive Oldfield
WFRP2W29a  The Haunting of Westenseite Mine by Toby Pilling
WFRP2W29b  Beneath the Surface (Michael Madsen)
WFRP2W29c  Dangerous Ingredients (Roysten Crow)
WFRP2W30 Warpstone 30

WFRP2WGd01   Das Geheimnis Der Krähe by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd02   Coedlicher Sand by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd03   Am Wegesrand by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd04   Bestie Von Altdorf by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd05   Blutiger Schnee by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd06   Das Geheimnis Von Haderfurt by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd07   Das Vermächtnis by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd08   Ein Besuch Beim Alchimisten by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd09   Im Norden Lauert Der Tod by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd10   Jahrmarkt Des Schreckens by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd11   Kreaturen Der Nacht by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd12   Mord Im Kloster by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd13   Museum Des Wahnsinns by Karl-Heiz Zapf
WFRP2WGd14   Tödlicher Sand by Karl-Heiz Zapf

(needs list)

RPG Review
A Walk Through The Shire: A Warhammer FRPG Scenario by James Haughton (Issue #2)
Mouse Guard - Warhammer: The Enemy Within (Issue #9)

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