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I did a Google search and went through every single page.

Managed to get one for £19.49.

There are some in the UK at slightly higher prices due to postage but there are a couple that will sell them cheaper if you're willing to collect.

Stocks are limited though.

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Same problem here.


I only have Blood and Dragon left to get and I have paid for other expansions through some Internet work I get paid in Amazon vouchers for, meaning I get them for 'free' as the work is very easy.


It is sporadic and can take 2 months to get £25, so I only order when I have the voucher credit.


Was ordering them in chronological release order, but the prices for them on Amazon have not been too good, so ordered City which I got today.


It was at one point £138, which you can still buy it for, but someone else is now offering it for £26 and is far too much.  All are from the US.


On Google shopping best I can get is £23, but it says 'release date 20th December 2013'.


If a new print is being shipped this makes sense and it should be worth buying it when there is stock that will put the price down to normal.


Especially as I only currently have £7 in Amazon vouchers left.

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