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Nordic Championship 2014 in Warhammer Invasion

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This weekend there here a convention i Malmo Sweden called SydCon 2013.

It hosted a Nordic Championship in Netrunner and X-wing.

Where the winner got a free tripp to the worlds.


I feel a little jealous about that and that Warhammer Invasion gamecommunity isnt at the same level.


So instead of sulking about it I have decieded to try to do something about it.


So I reach out to Warhammer Invasion players in the Nordic countries.


Players in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

What do you say?

Should it not be a Nordic championship 2014 for Warhammer Invasion?


You can contact me here in the forum or on this Facebook group


Hope to hear from you


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Is there someone in this forum who know what it takes to get a championship approved from FFG?

Or perhaps whome to contact in FFG to get the answer.

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In my efforts to find players in the nordic countries I emailed a Danish gaming site yesterady and tomorrow they will post a short artikel on our efforts


If you cant read Dansih use goggle translate if you are interrested.


I liked it ;)


Any outcome so far Gert? Anyway good luck to you for the effort.




By the way I just started a topic here might be you are interested in. ;)


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