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Dragon Expansion - Discarding Tokens

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Apologies if this topic has already been discussed or if the answer is completely obvious, but i'm looking for some clarification.


When drawing dragon tokens from the pool, after resolving the various Special Effects and Dragon Scales tokens, the rules state the token must be discarded. In short:


(From the Rulebook, relevant rules have been emboldened and italicized for easy reference)


[special Effects


These tokens are always discarded after their effects have been resolved....


...Crowing the Dragon King


When a character draws a dragon scale, it is placed on the
matching Draconic Lord Card. When the third dragon scale
is placed on a Draconic Lord, he is immediately crowned the
new Dragon King and the Crown token is placed on his card
as a reminder of his status.


The character then takes one dragon scale from the Dragon
King’s card and places it on the character’s space. If the space
already has a dragon scale, it is placed in the next space
counterclockwise that does not already have a dragon scale.


If every space in the Region already has a dragon scale, the
dragon scale is discarded
and the character must suffer the
Dragon Rage of the Dragon King instead (see “Dragon Rage”
on page 15). The two remaining dragon scales on the Dragon
King’s card are discarded
, and the character continues his
turn as normal.


In this manner, the Dragon King changes throughout the
game and spawns Varthrax, Cadorus, and Grilipus dragon
scales on board spaces.


Important: Characters in the Inner Region do not place a
dragon scale on their space; all three dragon scales on the
Dragon King’s card are discarded instead



Now for the Question:


Do these tokens get discarded back into the pool? Or do they get discarded into a separate "discard pile" so that they cannot be drawn again from the pool? It's not specifically stated, and since all other decks (Adventure, Spell, City, Highland, Dungeon and even each dragon deck) have their own discard pile, this leads me to the question of which is it to be?


Thus far, my crew has just assumed any discarded tokens go back into the pool, otherwise the pool would rapidly diminish with the loss of 2 scales everytime a new king is crowned. This is the choice we came up with because it makes the most sense. However, this question has been nagging me in a quiet little corner of my mind and has finally gotten the better of me so now i must ask.


Where the heck do y'all discard the tokens?

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Page 16 from the Dragon Rulebook:


Discarding Dragon Tokens


When dragon tokens are discarded, they are removed from the game and returned to the box. If every dragon token is taken from the pool, return all of the dragon tokens that were removed from the game (including any discarded dragon scales) back to the pool facedown and randomize them to form a new pool.



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Just when you think you've scoured every corner of the rulebook. . . Thanks talismanamsilat! I can now play with more confidence, knowing it's being done the right way.

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