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New Warhammer 40K Role Playing Podcast

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Hello all,


First off, I apologise about cross-posting in to each of the different game forums - I figured it was the best way to get this out there.


A friend of mine and I have recently recorded the first episode of a new podcasting series devoted to Warhammer 40k role playing - specifically the Fantasy Flight Games systems. We are looking for some "beta testers" to have a listen to our first episode and provide some feedback.


We're basically looking for thoughts on the content, the layout, the sound quality - basically whether this is the sort of thing you would actually listen to. We originally targeted a 90 minute show, but after recording we had over three hours - we've been able to cut the final product down to just over 2 hours.


Please feel free to take a listen and provide your feedback. Provided there is enough interest, we'd like to keep the series going and start churning out casts on a regular basis. In order to prevent the dreaded pod-fade, we've made sure we always have five episodes planning in advance.


The cast can be downloaded at - I had some issues the first time I uploaded it but the second time around it seemed to work. With that being said, I didn't listen to the whole show again on the site, so if there are any audio dramas with the file, I apologise.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and hopefully taking the time to listen to the cast and provide your feedback.




James - @GrimDarkJames


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was that link supposed to appear as a toolbar in the post? I'll certainly give it a listen, if I can figure out how to download it onto a iPod


We're actually up and running now due to positive feedback on our first episode. We've finished our first five episodes - you can find us at and also on iTunes - just search for Grim Dark Podcast.


Happy listening!

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