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CoTW - Couple of questions

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Hello I have some question regard Scenarios 5.

1. When it is declared Night. Do the effect Darkness applied during exploration like to spend 1 movement and 1 action to explore?

2. Have to be an investigator in the field that needs to explore or it is enough to come in to the room to explore? From there each field?

3. When do horror checks applied? If a monster enters a field or a room?

Something general:

on page 10 or the rulebook says:

Allies and investigators may move through a door that is covered

by a barrier. To do so, simply remove the barrier from the door

and place it in the space. Then move the ally through the door.

Do not replace the barrier on the door after this movement.

What does this mean? Does an investigator has a free action to put away the barrier and to move through the door. Does he still need an action to add the barrier on the door? Is this rule applied to any Scenario or especially to the Scenarios in CoTW?

Thanks in advance for answers.

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