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HIghlander Clash of the Titans Tournament ***** UPDATE

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Hello Kingdom Hearts Community!

Highlander season is winding down and we at FFG hope that everybody has been enjoying this format. For those of you who are interested in taking your deck to a higher level of competition, why not enter your deck into the traditional FFG In-House Clash of the Titans tournament. To enter is simple: if you were a winner at your local store's Highlander tournament, just send your decklist in to me at FFG and our crack team of keybearers will assemble it and pit it against other contenders in a battle to the finish. The results will be posted on our Kingdom Hearts minisite and the ultimate winner of the tournament will receive this special prize: an uncut foil sheet from the original press run of Kingdom Hearts! It's a beautiful poster-sized piece of Kingdom Hearts history that would beautify any wall.

Interested in seeing how your deck contends against the best of the best of the Highlander format? Then send in your decklist today! Don't worry: FFG will never publish your decklist on our website or forums without your expressed permission.

Thanks everybody and keep shuffling!


Hello Kingdom Hearts Community!

We're just waiting for the last in-store Highlander Tournaments to be played out this weekend before we start bracketing the in-house Clash of the Titans tournament, here at FFG Headquarters in beautiful Roseville, Minnesota. If there's anyone out there who would like their deck to participate in this tournament, please email it to me at FFG and enter to win an uncut, poster-sized foil sheet and more!

Stay tuned for more Highlander Action!

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