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Starfighter Creation Thread

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As a follow up, not sure if Full Throttle is worth it, as not every pilot is going to be focused on Cunning (and will therefore only get 1-2 round speed increase). SLAM is supposed to give consistent results until it is shut down.


Perhaps pull a page from it and do this approach?


SLAM System: When activated, increase the speed of the vessel by +2, but deactivate any blaster weapons. The speed increase remains until after the system is deactivated. After shutting down the SLAM system, blaster weapons are restored at the end of two rounds.


Upgrades: Two +1 Speed Mods, 1 Restore Blasters at the end of the following round.


Limit: The SLAM system can only double the ships speed. If the Speed mods would bring it above double the stock Speed, ignore them.


Cost: 250,000/8 ®


Hard Points: 2


Thoughts? I'm debating between leaving it at a base of +2 (closer to fluff after the mods) or dropping it to +1. Also waffling on the 2 HP cost, as not every fighter can equip it unless it was designed around it.

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I originally statted them prior to getting AoR, and some of that does show. I was also relying solely on fluff, and outside of SLAM, the ship is only as fast as an X-Wing. I never felt they were as manueverable as they are bombers and not superiority fighters (and fast ones, at that), so I left it at 0 (and considering the Xg-1 was hit with -2 Handling when that was released, a 0 is pretty solid!).

Actually, the Missile Boat runs at 125MGLT, and the A-Wing at 120.

If you wanna go purely by the game stats, its shields were 120 (compare to B-Wing at 100), and hull 20 (compare to X-Wing at 21, TIE/Adv or Defender at 15, A-Wing at 16).


Hard to respect the FFG handling stats though. -2? You know what has -1? a Vindicator carrying 2500 people and 24 frickin starfighters!

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Can anyone stat a Bes'uliik please?



Here is my take on this, there is a bit of info that lacked in the wiki, but I tried to make the craft fair enough so it's not to OP.

Please let me know what you think of it and I may tweak it some more as I sit here looking it over again.


Era: Legacy
Hull type:  Bes'uliik
Ship Class: Starfighter
Manufacturer: MandalMotors
Hyperdrive: Class: .4
Navcomp: yes
Sensor Range:  Short
Ship's Complement: 1 Pilot, up to 2 more depending on Config
Encumbrance Capacity: 
Passenger Capacity: 0
Consumables: 8 hours 
Cost/Rarity:  110,000 (80,000 used)/6
Customization Hard Points: 0 (2 if not all weapon slots are used up)
Silhouette: 3
Speed: 5
Handling: +1
Defense: 1/0/0/1
Armor: 3
Hull Threshold: 15
System Threshold: 10
Weapons: 4 Blaster Cannons (Light) Damage 5 Crit 4 (Linked 3)
    (2 open weapon slots if equipped with just blasters)
Attachment: Bes'kar armored hull (ignore Pierce 1 and Breach 1 Qualities)
*As a creative note, the wiki lists this craft as having a mandalorian iron armor. That being said I gave it similar qualities like Cortosis for the starship, but limited to ignoring just the first round of pierce and breach. Now it's up to GM descresstion to keep it on or take it off, as it also says not all ships got it or it was a thin layer.

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thanks for the stats .. i think it´s so ok, but i think i give the starfighter more attachment, like the description from here http://s13.zetaboards.com/StarWarsLegacy/topic/710233/1/, but then is the ship a bit op.


Yeah this one was a little harder to come up with stats since the wiki page has less info on it.


Plus I wanted to make it so that if a player got a hand on one, it wasn't to op and makes things harder for the rest of the players.


Alternatively, you could make one with attachments that a player could find with some triumphs. other wise it's a base for you to play around with.  

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Just a short FYI:


No, I'm not dead.


Yes, I'm still lurking when time permits.


No, I haven't been statting more ships for the threads.


Yes, I am still taking requests (just send them via PM so I actually see them in a timely fashion).


No, I haven't had any luck with getting any games going (thus the continued lack of ships).



I think that sums it up. Thanks for keeping things going!

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I cannot disable Sources in version When i open options, deselect unofficial species and click ok, nothing happens. When i open optoins again, it's active again.

ALso, why must my posts be approved by moderators?

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SO I looked into your version of the ARC and I could only find one glaring flaw with it:

The Aggressive ReConnaisance fighter needs a higher Sensor Output, after all it was designed for frontline scouting and patrolling. It being quite a capable Fighter is a bonus. I'd give the ship at least a medium sensor range and in retaliation lesser System Strain, because such high output sensors on  such a small ship tend to be not as well shielded.


Apart from that spot on!

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