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Several Questions

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Fun game, but after playing a couple times, I have some questions for someone who has played lots.


1) Playing the Runewars scenario, does the Tact And Diplomacy card seem rather strong?  Especially if the first player acquires it?



2) During the Runewars scenario, is the Tact And Diplomacy card used when attacking another players city AND used when your city is being attacked by another player?  That is, is the card used for offense and defense?

3) When attacking neutral cities, Vynevale, for example, you must attack with six or more strength to acquire it.  Then, when another player attacks your city--Vynevale--is your total defense strength your army plus two auto-defense from Vynevale?  Or is the total defense strength your army, plus the six of Vynevale plus the two auto-defense bonus?  The latter doesn't seem correct, but wanted to make sure.
4) Destroying.  Pick the Latari Elves Darnati Warrior.  If you spend an influence, who gets to choose which unit to destroy?  I think you, the attacker, get to choose.  This allows the attacker to destroy a high value unit currently on the table, right?  This then makes the opponent have to play his cards strategically, which adds to the play of the game...right?
5) The above is in contrast to the neutral Dragon where the opponent gets to choose which two units to destroy, correct?  Heh, otherwise the Dragon might be too powerful.
6) For the Daqan Lords Bowman, I presume I can discard ANY card from my hand, such as a one gold card?  Heh, we found this a a way to remove extra gold from your deck.  Is that what others do?



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1) Yes, Tact and Diplomacy is very strong.


2) I'll have to go back and look at the wording on the card. 


3) For city sieges (i.e. players attacking other players' cities) the defender adds the army strength and the auto-defense bonus, but not the strength cost in the lower right corner.


4) Yes, you choose which opposing unit to destroy. 


5) Yep, as I remember it, the Dragon is the exception. In regards to 4 and 5, just remember that when you read the ability of a card, it is usually read as the one who is playing a card. So if it says to destroy something, that means, "You, the one who played this card, get to choose one opposing card to destroy." If the choice is up to the opponent, it will specifically say so.


6) This is something I made a mistake of early on. The Bowman's ability says to discard any card to activate it, which is different from destroying. If it destroyed cards, it would be very powerful (as you noticed), but since you discard, the gold stays in your deck. This is in contrast with the dwarven War Machine from the expansion which lets you destroy a gold card to add 1 strength to each other unit in your army that battle. Always be sure to note the distinction between destroy and discard.


Welcome to the game! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It is probably the most-played game in my family.

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