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WFRP Fan Sites

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Hi all.  Finally, I'm back.  We're starting to play again after a 2 years hiatus.  

Anyway, to the point, looking for materials I found the sites below to be an excellent source of info and game aids.  What are your favorite fan or unofficial WFRP websites? Hopefully with material relevant to 3e...

Maybe  this can be a sticky topic?

Home of the fantastic Liber Fanatica fanzine - Last 3 issues have 3e specific 


The unofficial Warhammer Encyclopedia - first place I go when I need some WH information.

You probably know this one already. Loads of resources like A super HUGE map of the Old World, character sheets, game aids and the Reckless Dice Podcast.

An assortment of fan created resources and game aids for 3e. Hosted on Board Game Geek.


I know of some more sites dedicated to 2nd Edition. Do you know any more sites specifically for 3e?




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Well, I try to keep this link-list updated on my site. It's full of links not all WFRP3, but with usefull Warhammer information:


Even I try to sort out dead-links and list new ones time to time, I haven't done that for some time. Could be some dead links there...



And there is couple of articles in my site too (even WFRP3 based rules)...

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