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[Recruitment/Seeking/Skype] Players needed for a 'Theme' Rogue Trader game!

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[Recruitment/Seeking/Skype] Players needed for a 'Theme' Rogue Trader game!

Hi people.  I have been, for quite some time, playing in a 'Theme/Radicals' Rogue Trader game, on Skype.  We have been using this game in a nonstandard way, as we haven't been setting particular times, and have been instead using Skype as a sort of play by post.  As such, it isn't a traditional 'be here at this particular time' sort of thing.

Anyway, what's going on is that the player characters are in the retinue of a loyalist-but-radical Rogue Trader (played by one of the players), but outside of the game, a bunch of the players won't be able to continue playing the game.  So we need some new blood, some people who are willing to either step into one of the many canonical retinue members as is (for several existing players have to leave) or reimagine those characters somewhat, or take control of one of the existing npc retinue, or expand on one of the not-truly-fleshed-out retinue members.  This game is NOT primarily combat based; it's social, management of resources, and 'project' based.  There will also be a list of houserules.  As it will take some time to get up to speed as it were, we only want some people who can dedicate a bit of time to reading some summaries of ideas and what's gone on so far.

This game, as described earlier, is a 'theme' game. What this means is that we have a basic overarching story that we want to tell with this group, and it isn't just, 'make a standard explorator and jump in'.  The short of it is that the Rogue Trader has been collecting Idealistic Radicals who have a plan (or at least a dream -- but an idea that is plausible is a good start) to go to a place where they can conceivably break some rules, in order to achieve the goals of making money, doing something to reduce the amount of stagnation in their corner of the Imperium, and improve the lives of some group of people that the Imperium doesn't seem to care about. A real sort of group of types that want to do well by doing good, as it were.

Another thing.  We want people who can commit a good amount of time to actually get replies up, and read the game, and such.  It doesn't have to be time at any given time of day, but it has to be regular and you have to have some time and energy available to roleplay and do some meta-planning!  The idea is that the characters will have goals that will further drive the plot, and it won't just be simple 'adventure and randomly see what the Gm throws at us', it's more 'come up with a particular goal and spend effort to achieve it'.  So as a player you have to have some drive to go with that of your character, okay?

If you are interested, please IM me at my skype name, which is gavinfoxx.  In the skype request for contacting me, please let me know that you want to be a player in the RT game.


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