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Home made project: Talisman carrying case and Talisman trophy

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Hi all!


Because it's nearly Talisman's birthday and our local gaming group won't be able to celebrate it with a gaming session, I wanted to share our little project for the Talisman community, which includes home made Talisman carrying case and a Talisman Trophy.






More pictures can be found:


The case is actually a gun case, which we just modified to our needs. The trophy is made of spare kitchen sink parts and some darkened wood.


Here is the background story to explain why we have done these:


We have a group of  5 friends and we have played Talisman since we were ~10 years old (Finnish Talisman ver.2). Now we are ~30 years old and we still love playing Talisman regularly (English Talisman ver.4 and all expansion). Although we live almost 200km away from each other, we gather around 2-3 times a year to play Talisman and once a year we hold official "Talisman Grand Champion"-game and the winner of that game is crowned as the 'Talisman-Master' for a year and he also gets his name to our Talisman-trophy. Now we can transport the whole game easily from place to place and also look cool (and maybe suspicious)  ;)


Next thing in our group's to-do list is to somehow make a stylish Talisman carving to the lid of the case (maybe using laser carving, same way we did it to the trophy). And we would also like to print our home made Talisman expansion 'Trials of the Black Knight' (used it in lucky 13 competition) so that we could use it in our games, but we don't have the idea where to start.


To all Talisman fans out there: have a nice Talisman birthday and hopefully you all will enjoy playing the game as much we have loved for all these years!

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